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"I can tell my daughter is visibly more confident after one coaching session."

College Counseling

"Veritas Education team knows how to ask just the right questions. And when you answer, you might be unlocking some unknown part of yourself."



"I learned so much about what it means to be a leader and a team member."

At Veritas Education, a non-profit organization that aims to bring different communities closer together, we believe in the importance of life long learning. Our team is in the continual pursuit of fresh ideas and growing together with our students. We want to energize our students to strive for an education that rewards their creativity, strengthens their thinking, and pushes them to live their best lives. We walk side by side with our students looking at the end goal, finding the best way to get there.

Veritas Education is dedicated to applying knowledge through communication, discovery, development, and innovation. We strive to push the boundaries in our students, preparing them to enter the next phase of their lives as strong communicators and leaders.  


We serve to provide our students with the path to an excellent education. Focusing not just on the importance of academics, but on the well-being of the whole person. We challenge our students to live ethically, think critically, plan logically, communicate clearly, produce creatively, and as a result grow organically. 

Beyond Dr. Wu’s solid foundation and experience with academics, 

here are a few specific areas where we believe we stand out from the crowd. 

Experience In Action

As a former college professor, Dr. Wu has had the unique advantage of seeing the end product of a student’s educational experience. Through this beneficial lens she observed that many college level students, and older, had not received proper guidance and training in their youth. All of these factors resulted in a less competitive future.


As a whole we understand that having a high GPA and scoring well on exams are important pieces of the puzzle, but they certainly are not everything. Students must dig deep into what it means to be a strong leader and a contributing citizen.


Realizing the importance of critical thinking and effective communication are fundamental building blocks for the future careers. Dr. Wu was struck by the amount of students that lacked these key qualities.  From this advantageous viewpoint, our team has been able to adequately provide our students with the skills they need to succeed.

Specialty Classes

Promoting Overall Growth

Veritas Education is proud to offer a variety of classes that are geared towards building a student that is strong both academically and emotionally. Our advising sessions cover a variety of needs. College advising helps to ease the stress of this crucial time for both parents and students. Our team organizes and executes plans to prepare a student for future success. Beyond academic planning, our team advises students in discovering their passions, their interests, and learning ways to focus them all in the right direction. For all of these areas we offer additional classes to support this growth.

  • In the academic sense we offer writing classes, which strengthen creativeness, idea cultivation, organization, and vocabulary/grammar growth.

  • Our “Effective Communication” classes are a unique blend of academics and critical thinking and reading skills. In these classes, students discover what it means to be strong leaders, how to communicate effectively, and how to focus themselves on discovering their passions. All of these aspects are brought to light through reading, writing, and speaking activities within the classroom.

  • Knowing the deep needs of our students we offer a variety of Test Prep Classes: SAT Test Prep, TJ Test Prep and GT Test Prep. 

College Planning and Beyond

We have unique insight into the college planning process and what it takes to succeed. We guide our students in preparing not just the nuts and bolts of college planning (i.e. applications, resumes), but in the depths of what colleges and employers are truly looking for. We also offer advising geared towards interview prep, a crucial part of any application process. 


Good grades and a high GPA are just the first step into this world. How do you stand out in the crowd? What sets you apart? And most importantly, how do you channel your passions into the process so that they may become the core of your future? Dr. Wu and the team work hard to engage students in a variety of ways to help them discover students' inner strengths and learn to utilize them.  

Community Involvement

We are aware that developing our students and serving our community goes hand in hand. In both respects we are building a future that is strong, respectful, and belongs to everyone. We are devoted to communicating to our students the importance or humanitarian acts and the beauty of giving back to your community. Our team works diligently to make sure we move beyond words and create action.


At Veritas Education, we walk the talk, lead the way, and are at the forefront of change. We are devoted to providing our students with opportunities to serve those around them, and as a result grow into stronger citizens. Our multicultural volunteer program BranchOut! is equally important as our college planning programs. We understand that students must grow as a whole person in order to see a successful future.

Education is Not

One-Size Fits All

At Veritas Education, we understand that each student, each goal, and each future is unique. Through years of experience in this industry, our team has intimate insight into what it takes to plan for a future. In one respect, each college planning journey is different from the next. Choosing a major, a university as well as setting a solid plan to succeed, takes careful planning that is specialized to each student. 


Self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-growth are vital during this process. These are the key reasons why we work diligently to provide our students with quality advising. We work to build students as a whole, healthy, and prepared citizen. Some students may feel trapped between two cultures, unsure of how to process their feelings, their desires and as a result their futures. Some students may be overwhelmed by the great responsibility of planning a future that they cannot yet imagine. And honestly some students may just feel disinterested in it all. We exist for this purpose. To guide, inspire, and develop our students, each unique case at a time.

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