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#Educate. Empower. Innovate. 

Veritas Education was established in 2010 serving the Washington, DC community, and gradually expanded to serving students across the country as well as internationally. During the past ten-plus years, we have gained an in-depth understanding of our students' needs as well as their unique challenges, especially for students with a multicultural background. Given this understanding, we have researched and utilized various educational psychology approaches to help our students reach their personal as well as academic goals.

Our co-founders are thought leaders and put significant emphasis on both the academics and the well-being of the student. Through our mission to cultivate a growth mindset in our students, we motivate our students to live ethically, think critically, plan logically, communicate clearly, and produce creatively. 

Our students come from a wide range of public and private schools, including Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (VA), Sidwell Friends School (DC), the Hill School (PA), Montgomery Blair High School (MD), Stuyvesant High School (NY), River Hill High School (MD), Arcadia High School (CA), Park Tudor School (IN), Trinity Preparatory School (FL), and many others. 

#Thought Leader

Dr. Yuhsien Wu is a thought leader, a deep thinker, and a passionate educator who strives to foster a growth mindset in our learning community. 

#Growth Mindset

At Veritas Education, we understand that each student, each goal, and each future is unique. Through years of experience in this industry, our team has intimate insight into what it takes to plan for a future. In this respect, each college planning journey is different from the next. Choosing a major, a university, as well as setting a solid plan to succeed takes careful planning that must be specialized for each student. 


Self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-growth are vital during this process. These are the key reasons why we work diligently to provide our students with quality advising. We work to build students into whole, healthy, and prepared citizens. Some students may feel trapped between two cultures, unsure of how to process their feelings, their desires, and, as a result, their futures. Some students may be overwhelmed by the great responsibility of planning a future that they cannot yet imagine. And honestly, some students may just feel disinterested in it all. We exist for this purpose - to guide, inspire, and develop our students, one unique case at a time.

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We are aware that developing our students and serving our community goes hand in hand. In both respects we are building a future that is strong, respectful, and belongs to everyone. Our team works diligently to make sure we move beyond words and create action.


At Veritas Education, we walk the talk, lead the way, and are at the forefront of change. We are devoted to providing our students with opportunities to serve those around them, and as a result grow into stronger citizens. Our multicultural volunteer program BranchOut! is equally important as our college planning programs. We understand that students must grow as a whole person in order to see a successful future.

Veritas Pyramid

We strive to build a "whole student" through our services, from Reading & Writing to Deep Thinking Development to 1-on-1 college coaching. 

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Young Adult

Deep Thinking

Why do we focus so much on deep thinking? Because it affects how we decode a piece of information as well as how well we are able to comprehend it. Learn about our in-house designed curriculum to see how it can benefit your child.

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The Veritas GRIT (Grow. Refine. Identify. Transform) model is a system of development for helping students develop a growth mindset along their journey to college. Getting into a top school is not as simple as having a few good extracurriculars and a good GPA. Top schools are looking for innovative leaders who understand themselves and think critically. They want students who make a real impact in their communities. They want to see students who are ready to change the world. Our model helps students to develop the skills they need to become that kind of student.


The GRIT model teaches students that learning is a journey of growth, not something that happens overnight. This transformation process takes time and dedication. Students develop a growth mindset by discovering the joy in the learning process rather than the achievement at the end. Through a self-discovery process, students identify their strengths and uncover the limitations they have and refine them. On this journey, they develop the strength and courage to step outside their comfort zones and transform into the young adults they need to be.

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Veritas OWL

The Veritas owl is a symbol of education and wisdom, but it also has another meaning. For us, OWL stands for Optimized, Whole-person Learning. We focus not just on the importance of academics, but also on the well-being of the whole person. We hope when you see the Veritas owl, you will remember that the Veritas team is committed to helping students reach their potential in every way.

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