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It is hard to believe that just 4 summers ago, we were a small team of 20 students.


This year, we are welcoming 130+ students into our cohort. Our student mentors come from 7 counties and 36 schools this year, and we could not have achieved this without your support.

We would like to share some recent developments of BranchOut! with you:

  • We are now a partner of Department of Neighborhood and Human Service of Fairfax County to serve more community centers,

  • We received a Gold Star Award for Fairfax County volunteering organizations; we were one of two volunteering organizations awarded with the honor,

  • We expanded collaboration with both FCPS in Virginia and MCPS in Maryland to serve more campuses,

  • We established the first local chapter - Howard County Chapter,

  • We formed a School Club of BranchOut! at Oakton High School, VA (Thank you, Lawrence Zhu, 11th grader at Oakton HS, for your persistence in making this a reality!),

  • We received confirmation that the U.S Senator Tim Kaine will grant Congressional certificates to student with outstanding performance, and

  • We are in the process of applying to the Maryland's Governor's Service Award. 

  • With all these achievements, we are confident that BranchOut! will be making even more impact to the communities around us.

We would like to invite you to our training session/open house


Saturday, June 15


for the 1:15-3pm portion of the event


In the session, you will learn about BranchOut!'s history and why our program is unique. You will also hear from our amazing guest speakers and learn about what students will do this summer.  We are looking for parents with photography skills; if you are able to help, please let us know!

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