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"Thank you so much for being so patient for talking to me about my son and his progress. I am grateful to have met someone who can guide my teenage son. I believe your team and your expertise in student development will help my son and bring positive impact to him. Thank you so much!"

Effective Communication Through Reading and Writing & Presentation: Testimonials

Dora, Student, 13

Fairfax, VA

I thought the course was very useful because I learned a lot about myself and what I can do to make the best version of myself from my strengths and weaknesses.  In the class, I learned about leadership and the types of orientation that people possess.  I gained a valuable experience and enjoyed discussing with the class about people’s social interactions and influences in society.  I would recommend this class to another person and would suggest to read some motivational books for class discussion.  I do like that we read articles and talk about interesting things.

Cici, Student, 13

McLean, VA

I would recommend this course to other people because it is a class that helps to define who you are.  It can help a lot with leadership and social skills.  So far, I think that this course is a fun learning experience for me because I get helpful feedback, and I also get to practice my social skills.

Ken, Student, 8th Grade

Extraordinarily helpful.  I would recommend this class to other people because the class teaches you to present yourself better.

Frank, Student, 10th Grade

I really like the class. Dr. Martin's lessons are always very informative, and I have learned many things that I always wanted to know, including certain grammar rules and writing structure.  Dr. Wu's lessons are also very insightful - they have certainly helped me develop a new perspective on my high school career and college application process.  If anyone asks, I think recommending the class is an easy yes.

Parent, 6th-8th Grade

Thank you very much for your care and  help with the boys! I can tell the boy are changing. At the beginning my 6th grader refused to go to this class. My older kid felt he had do it just because he had no choice. But soon I saw their big smile every time when they stepped out the classroom. I know that smile comes from excitement and satisfaction.  This week we are really busy. Finally I got a chance to show my sons the pictures / videos and talked with the boys. They tell me they have fun in your class (instead of such words of "I don't want go, it's  just ok, or it's the same class like my school"...).  Now they changed and say they will stay with this class.  The boys mentioned the things they really enjoyed there. The people, the debates, the topics, the project presentation and the question with the homework are interesting.  I do appreciate the help from you & Ms. Saman!

Ms. Zhang, Parent

Fairfax, VA

I can't stop thinking how much I value your edits/comments to my son.  He needs to hear them badly and he can follow the ideas when you point out to him. I haven't seen any other teacher give him such helpful and honest feedback. So I really appreciate it.  Thank you.

Ms. Lu, Parent

McLean, VA

I can tell my daugter is visibly more confident after one interview coaching session. Even if it doesn't work out for this internship, it is a valuable lesson for her.

Parent, 4th & 6th Grade

My daughter told me your class was "actually fun".  She liked the combination of writing, public speech and reading as well. Thank you for making learning a fun thing for the kids!

Parent, 4th Grade

Thank you very much for the feedback about Eric. And thanks also for your effort in teaching Eric the writing skills. I noticed that before the class, Eric wasn't interested in writing. He is now enjoying writing very much!

Tina, Student, 11

Fairfax, VA

I like this class because of the following reasons: encouraging environment, not many people, easy to understand, has lots of fun things, like the monkey article, everybody involved, each day is different, creative.

Grace, Student, 12

McLean, VA

I think that this class is great so far. I would recommend this class to other students who likes to lead something one day.

Albert, Student, 9th Grade

I like the Challenging Writing and Reading class because it makes you think in ways you would not think of in the first place.

Forrest, Student, 7th Grade

The comments and reviews of my work really showed me what to improve/change.  Most of my friends have horrible writing skills and they should attend a class like this.

Ms Li, Parent

Fairfax, VA

Thank you so much for being so patient for talking to me about my son and his progress. I am grateful to have met someone who can guide my teenage son. I believe your team and your expertise in student development will help my son and bring positive impact to him. Thank you so much!

Collective Group Feedback from Grades 9th-11th

Tyson's Corner Campus

Regarding the readings for the class: “We enjoyed being able to choose between reading a text assigned specifically for the class, and choosing from a list of flash fiction/nonfiction stories/essays.” 

Things the class learned: “We learned about presenting, writing,  writing essays specifically, how to construct an argument using Aristotle's rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, logos), writing using the five senses instead of just "telling" (showing rather than telling), and analyzing literary texts.”


Things the class enjoyed: “We liked that the teacher was funny and engaged with us in a conversational manner, and that he wasn't too serious, but that there was enough work involved that the class felt worthwhile and beneficial.”

Grace, Student, 6th Grade

Marshall High Campus

“I enjoyed it. I found it very helpful. I think this class is great and could give you a lot of information. Thank you for helping us. I loved learning from you.”

Emily, Student, 5th Grade

Marshall High Campus

 “I really enjoyed presenting and writing the essays. It helped me a lot with my presentation skills. I really enjoyed working with my classmates. This helped me in many ways to share my ideas. I’m excited to start my new semester.”

Kevin, Student, 6th Grade

Marshall High Campus

“I found this class very fun and enjoyable, and it also helped me write essays at school. I think this class is very useful overall.”

Eric, Student, 3rd Grade

Marshall High Campus

“I liked this class because it helped me improve on taking tests. I found it helpful as I got pretty high marks on my Language Arts tests.”

Angela, Student, 4th Grade

Marshall High Campus

“I do find it helpful because at school I find that I am getting better at writing and reading.”

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