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College Essay Writing

Do you need more help and ideas geared towards crafting the perfect college essay?


We understand the daunting idea that college deadlines are just around the corner. Creating a college essay that is unique, deep, and thorough takes time and effort. With guidance from our senior advisory team, students have crafted authentic college essays that reflect their unique characteristics. Join us today and see the transformation in your essays yourself!

College Essay Boot Camp

During this intensive class, we will help to address these key challenges:

  • How do I choose the right topic, story, or examples for my college essay?

  • How do I add depth and real life examples into my college essay?

  • I have not been involved in very many activities, how can I still stand out?

  • How can I discuss my struggles and limitations without sounding weak?

Students will get a better grasp on what is needed to craft an effective college essay, how to integrate your own activities and life experience, and most importantly, how to create an authentic essay that truly stands out.


This class is perfect for rising 12th graders who are looking to craft high quality college essays so that they will apply with confidence. This class is also great for rising 10th and 11th graders to get a head start on the college admissions process so that they understand what top schools are looking for and can tailor their activities accordingly and create unique essays that stand out.

The class will cover the following topics:

1. How to approach the commonapp main essay

2. How to answer the "Why us" essay

3. How to work on the school-specific supplemental essays

Many students have also found this class to be a great way to prepare for the admissions interview, where students will need to talk about themselves, detail why they are interested in a specific school, and explain how they have demonstrated leadership or community involvement. This is a cost-effective way to get ready for the college admissions process. Sign up today to reserve a seat!

Summer 2024

Boot Camp A: 15 hours

June 24 - 28

When: Mon-Fri, 1:30-4:30 PM 

Location: Online

Boot Camp B: 15 hours

July 15 - 19

When: Mon-Fri 1:30-4:30 PM

Location: Online

Boot Camp C: 12 hours

July 20 - August 10

When: Saturdays, 1:30-4:30 PM

Location: Online

Boot Camp D: 8 hours

August 25 - September 15

When: Sundays, 2:00-4:00 PM

Location: Online

Click on "Registration" to see the complete course information.

Click on the clip below to hear about how we teach this class to help students write authentic essays!

Student Feedback

I learned a lot more information about the specifics of the college essay writing and application process that I had no idea about...I think my chances of getting into a better school are significantly higher than if I did not take the class, like at least 200% more. One of THE MOST IMPORTANT things I learned from this class is just how time consuming it is to write these essays. I’m really glad that I learned that, and now I can start planning accordingly. I have heard many of my friends ask me why I’m starting so early, but in reality I’m not starting early at all. I would 100% recommend this class to others. I think the most important thing is that I feel much more prepared than them. Even more importantly, the class is a great chance to start writing some essays as soon as possible, and show you what you have to get into. I would tell others that they should definitely take this class, because it will get them started earlier, and they will be much less stressed in the long run. Also I would recommend this class because the teacher has so much experience and knowledge, and is great to talk to! Thanks for being a great teacher! - T Wang, Rising 12th Grade, TJHSST

At the beginning of the course, I had my doubts on how I can write a meaningful common app essay in just 8-10 hours. However, there is a reason the word “intensive” is embedded into the class name because it really was a very genuine and engaging process. The instructors care about the students on a deeper level so much so that at times, I felt like they were my close friend. Even though the class is just two hours a day, there are so many ideas and advice exchanged and it was overall a powerfully informative session. I left the class feeling as if I not only had a solid understanding of what to write, but also grasped new things about myself that I would have never been able to discover otherwise.                               - Jennifer Wu, Rising 12th Grade, Langley High School


I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my common app essay. Before the Bootcamp, I was going in totally irrelevant directions. Now, all of my college counselors at school say that they really like my essay and I like it myself, too. I can't imagine where I would be without your help.  - Teresa Li, 12th Grade, Greenhills School

Did you know?
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In 2021, Veritas Education students were admitted to: 


Harvard University

 University of Chicago

University of Pennsylvania

Duke University

Cornell University

Carnegie Mellon University


Johns Hopkins

Georgetown University and many more!

Get on track for your dream school today!

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