FAQ: College Essay Writing 

What is the teaching style of the college essay class?

The teaching style of our College Essay Writing class is focused on drawing out the many ideas, examples and passions that will make you stand out in a crowd of applications. Elite schools are looking for an applicant that shines, and this is often exemplified through essays. Our class is centered around this crucial goal, to pull out and shed light on what makes you special. 

Are classes one-on-one, or group classes?

Our current College Essay Writing Class is a group class. If you would prefer a one-on-one class as well, we offer personal advising sessions that can cover any area needed by a student. These sessions are provided by all of our top teaching/advising staff.

Can you provide me with the high level profile or your teaching and advising staff?

For our College Essay Writing Class the teacher may be one (or a mixture) of our highly credentialed team, including: 

  • Our Co-Founder, Dr. Wu. A Harvard alumni who is an expert in all areas pertaining to the college application process. As a professor and adviser, Dr. Wu has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the college application process. She has advised students who were accepted into Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, and Carnegie Mellon (just to name a few).

  • Mr. Allen, a professor who has over 20 years in education, and extensive experience in college advising

What does the college essay revision process look like?

In most advising sessions we will ask the student to provide any known essay prompts they need to write. We will work through the initial brainstorming, idea mapping and outlining with the student. After the student has completed the first draft we will go through several rounds of edit and revision (depending on how much time the student has). At each step our teachers will continually find areas where students can add much needed details, examples and clarification, in order to produce the best possible essay. As each student is unique, this process may change, depending on the need and request of student. 

Are you able to assist with both Common App and Supplemental essay questions?

We are able to help with any college essay prompt needed. This could include Common App questions, as well as supplemental essays.

Does the teacher help tailor (at least the idea) of the essay depending on the college?

Yes. Together with the student, our teachers will look how we can tailor the essay to best fit the applicable college. This could include specialties of the college's history, the major being applied to, special programs offered, references to recent college achievements, etc. 

After the class has ended, may I send any modified essays to the teachers for additional help?

Yes. We pride ourselves on the continual care of our students. Our number one goal is to see you succeed.  If students need more hours, they can always utilize our college advising services in order to help complete the required essays.

What are the prices for classes and advising?

Each individual class and workshop price varies on the length and hours included in the series. Please check out our Courses and Workshops information to learn about the pricing of your desired class. 

For one-on-one personal advising, rates differ depending on the hourly package you choose. Please contact us for more information about our individual advising packages. 

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