Express Service: Junior Packet/Counselor Questionnaire Prep

(1-hour workshop + 3-hour editing)



1. Why Junior Packet/Senior Profile/Counselor Questionnaires?  Why it is important for the counselors to know/understand the student? 

Junior packet, senior profile, or counselor questionnaire (high school college packet, student self-evaluation, etc) all refer to the form that counselors and teachers use as a reference to write their recommendation letters, which is critical to the college application process. It is commonly completed by both the parents and the students, in order to provide comprehensive information about the student from various perspectives.


Common misconceptions among students:

  • It is not important

  • My counselor will write my recommendation, I have nothing to do with it

  • There is no need to organize my information, my counselor will know what is important and what to highlight

  • I don't want to repeat myself, so there is no need to go into details


Key points that parents need to know about your child's junior packet:

  • Almost all US universities, especially top schools, will require counselor recommendations

  • An outstanding recommendation WILL HELP a student stand out

  • Your child might only have met their counselor once or twice throughout their high school years. Therefore, counselors rely heavily on the materials provided through the packet to write their letters, sometimes they even quote directly from the packet

  • The packet will sometimes ask for parents' input and it is vital to know what the counselors are looking for, which is NOT just a comprehensive bio of your child's upbringing


2. Highlights of the Junior Packet/Counselor Questionnaire Express Service  


For students to:

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses

  • Find out key factors that top schools are looking for

  • Learn about the best ways to express themselves and communicate with their counselors via the junior packet

  • Obtain professional input in editing and revising their packet


For parents to:

  • Understand what information should be provided from a parent's perspective that is complementary to their child's answers

  • Get professional assistance in editing and revising their answers


3. Format of the Service   


  • 1-hour virtual workshop to detail specific content for an effective junior packet and 3-hour packages for personalized editing and revising (no individual meetings included)

  • The workshop includes requirements for junior packets/counselor questionnaires, common "dos and don’ts" when filling out the packet, common misconceptions, key points to include, and what personal experiences to highlight

  • Once registered, participants will need to pick a specific session and confirm their attendance

  • Students and parents will complete their draft and submit the completed packet to a designated email

  • Once a complete draft is received, Veritas Edu team will return a revised and finalized version within 48-72 hours


4. Tuition and Sessions    


Early bird tuition*:

  • $280 Registered and paid by 4/21

  • $320 Registered and paid by 5/19

  • $360 Registered and paid by 6/23

  • $400 Registered and paid by 8/12


Workshop (pick one):

  • Session 1: April 22, Wednesday, 8pm ET

  • Session 2: May 21, Thursday, 8pm ET

  • Session 3: June 25, Thursday, 8pm ET

  • Session 4: August 13, Thursday, 8pm ET

* Not refundable

5. Registration  


Register here​

6. In the Past 3 Years, Our Students Have Been Accepted Into: 

  • Harvard (3)

  • Yale (5)

  • Princeton (3)

  • Columbia (5)

  • MIT (2)

  • Stanford (2)

  • U of Pennsylvania (4)

  • U of Chicago

  • Duke (5)

  • Dartmouth (2)

  • Brown

  • Johns Hopkins (3)

  • Cornell (6)

  • UCLA (7)

  • Georgetown (4)

  • UC Berkeley (6)

  • USC (4)

  • University of Virginia (20+)

  • Carnegie Mellon (10)

  • University of Michigan (5)

  • William and Mary (10+)

  • New York University (3)

  • Georgia Tech (4) and MORE



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