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Veritas Kids (Grades 3-6)
Fall 2022 Online Course List
Grade Level
Days & Time
Pre-Algebra Grades 5/6
Saturday 3:00-4:30 PM
Public Speaking Grades 4-6
Saturday 1:15-2:15 PM
Reading & Writing Grades 3/4
Saturday 9:00-10:00 AM
Reading & Writing Grades 5/6
Saturday 10:15-11:45 AM

*All classes are conducted online via Google Meet

**Remember to use your coupon codes for discounts when checking out! We are not able to process codes after payment is received.

***Cancellations, refunds, or exchanges of credit are not available for any competitions, workshops, or classes of fewer than 5 sessions

****Last updated on 11/1/2022

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We have a rolling admission and students can join us any time. Contact us at NOW for more information!

Meet Our Teaching Team

Because of our goal to be a leader and innovator in what we do, Veritas Education only works with the best and the most knowledgeable instructors.  Below is more information about our teaching team.

Reading and Writing/TJ Prep/CogAT Prep/AP Prep

Ms. R is a current FCPS teacher and M.Ed. graduate with over a decade of teaching and counseling experience. She is a passionate educator who focuses on helping students find their own love of learning. In class, she focuses on guiding students to an understanding of reading and writing that goes beyond the surface level and explores deeper aspects like theme, style, and methods of composition. Ms. R believes that students do best when they are both challenged and engaged and does this by making her classes both ambitious in their scope and enjoyable to attend. 

Mr. S is a published author and poet as well as an experienced instructor. In his classes, he likes to present students with ideas and materials with which they might be unfamiliar as a way of expanding their horizons and deepening their understanding of the world. He believes in giving students the opportunity to lead discussions in the classroom and does his best to facilitate the exchange of ideas between students while moderating and tutoring. In his classes, his goal is to provide a space and material that allow students to develop into critically-thinking young adults. 

Ms. M has over 20 years experience teaching English Language Arts, focusing on British and American literature. Her time teaching in elementary and middle schools in Virginia, Maryland, and Connecticut, as well as instructing at the collegiate level, has given her a broad range of experiences from which to draw while sharing her love for reading and writing. She focuses on varying her teaching style based on the strengths and interests of the students by finding ways for them to engage with the material that work for them. This helps students who might normally have difficulty with reading and writing to appreciate and understand the material in a new way. Ms. M does her best to motivate and empower students to meaningfully engage with the materials they will encounter in their English classes. 

Ms. B has a strong background in the English language, majoring in English and working for a time as a publisher before becoming a teacher. As a result, she is very familiar with the rules of grammar as well as the way stylistic choices affect compositions. Teaching lets her share her experience and passion for English literature and composition with students. She particularly enjoys working with younger students to help them understand the fundamental skills that will serve them in research papers, personal essays, and every other kind of writing their experience as students will require of them. She does this by making learning a collaborative experience – showing students that learning is something that doesn’t stop throughout their lives and sharing ways to make learning more enjoyable and more effective.

Mr. T is a PhD (ABD) in humanities subjects. Mr. T has over 15 years of experience both as an educator as well as a mentor of children and young adults. He completed two M.A. degrees and taught at a collegiate level before moving on to test prep and humanities subjects. Mr. T believes that exposing students to content is the most important aspect of understanding material - that is why in his class he guides students through both fiction and non-fiction in a way that illuminates the deeper meaning of the text and allows students to understand how it fit into the bigger picture - either thematically or historically.

Math/SAT/TJ Prep/AP Prep

Ms. M is a current FCPS teacher who cares deeply for the needs of her students. She did her M. Ed. graduate research in childhood development and feels that providing students with a solid foundation in literacy and mathematics is the key to their later academic success. Her ability to understand the needs of developing minds comes from her wide educational experience, including ESL students, students with special needs, and gifted students. Ms. M’s classes focus on allowing students to contribute to classroom activities, creating a sense of community, and creating an atmosphere where students are encouraged to reach beyond their current capabilities. 

Ms. B is a dedicated teacher who particularly enjoys working with younger students to help them understand the fundamental skills that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives as students, whether that is the fundamental math knowledge that will allow them to excel as they move from basic calculation to Algebra or if it’s the basic rules of English grammar and usage which will serve them in research papers, personal essays, and every other kind of writing they will experience. She does this by making learning a collaborative experience – showing students that learning is something that doesn’t stop throughout their lives and sharing ways to make learning more enjoyable and more effective. 

Ms. F is a teacher of long standing with our organization as well as FCPS after completing her M.S. Edu and has experience leading both large classes and 1-on-1 tutoring. She is adept at explaining complex mathematical concepts by grounding them in everyday experience. She then uses this foundation of mathematical concepts to explain more advanced mathematics which are purely conceptual. In this way, Ms. F guides students through the increasingly complex tiers of mathematical knowledge. Her philosophy of teaching is student centered and focuses on building relationships to develop a safe and successful learning experience.

Ms. L is a PhD (ABD) in Math Education. Ms. L is not only a researcher, who has engaged in math education research at Harvard University, but also a practitioner. With over 20 years of experience in teaching and administrations and her strong background in mathematics education, she is able to teach both to individual needs as well as in a classroom setting. Her strength is her ability to tailor a class’s content to the needs of the students in the course and dispel the fear that some students have of mathematics.

Ms. K is a licensed FCPS math teacher with an M.S. in Computer Science. Ms. K has taught math from grades 7-12, and personal passion is Algebra and especially Geometry. She really enjoys teaching these math classes to students because it gives them the base knowledge and confidence to excel when they begin to study higher, more abstract levels of mathematics. She loves to help students enjoy math by teaching through project-based learning and making real life connections whenever possible, so that students understand the application and usefulness of the concepts that they are learning. This gives them another way to understand the material and another reason that motivates them to learn.

College Essay Boot Camp

This signature intensive writing class is designed and taught by our Ivy League instructors. They not only know precisely what top schools are looking for, but also how to draw out the "best" of our students. ​They don't simply settle for the cliche of "be yourself" because there are multiple sides of a person, and understanding who we really are is not an easy task (see past students' comments here)! Our instructors have worked with students from around the world and know what qualities/experiences are unique and what are overused. Our sessions are not only meant to help students write a strong main essay, but also help them gain a better understanding of who they are with the goal to help them morph into an even stronger thinker, observer, and writer.   

Development of Thinking and Communication Habits

This module is designed by our Ivy League team, which brings over 30 years of teaching experiences to students from K-12 and beyond. The instructors will be our FCPS teachers or experienced teachers who will be able to lead and help our students think deeply and present effectively. We look forward to help students develop strong thinking and communication skills through our engaging lessons. 

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