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GT Test Prep: Spring 2019

As a parent, how do you effectively prepare your child for a specialized test like GT?

How can young students master the skills necessary to thrive in the GT exam and program?

GT Test Prep Course



Start Date: 1/6/19

Day: Sundays

Total Duration: 19 sessions

Grade: 1st Grade

Time: 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Tuition: $570

Location: Rachel Carson Middle School

Herndon, VA

Parents will learn:

  • What the GT Test Prep entails, and how the testing works.

  • How to properly prepare their child for the GT Test, relieving stress and promoting creative thinking skills.

  • How they can engage their child, utilizing daily actions to help boost their child’s learning and prepare them for the CogAT test.

  • Students will:

  • Through a friendly and open environment, students will learn how to remain calm, confident and prepared for their GT Test.

  • Learn how to use their given skills when taking a specialized exam.

  • Be encouraged to think creatively and look at problems, pictures and patterns in unique ways.

  • Guided through realistic GT testing simulations to see how they react to a wide variety of problems.

For more information about this FCPS test, click here

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