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Enrichment Classes: 

IAAT Test Prep

At Veritas Education, we are dedicated to preparing our students for a competitive world. This means that we offer our students the opportunity to grow not only academically, but as a whole person. 

IAAT Test Prep Course

This class is designed to prepare students for the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT). This test is used by many school districts as a means of assessing students’ readiness for advanced Algebra courses, including Algebra I Honors. We recommend this class be taken by 6th graders in preparation for the IAAT test, but any students who expect to test in the future are welcome to join. This class builds on mathematical concepts covered over the course of elementary school-level coursework.

The test contains a total of 60 questions over 4 sections. Students are allowed 10 minutes for each test section, for a total testing time of 40 minutes. The test sections are:


  • Pre-Algebraic Number Skills and Concepts – focuses on the skills and concepts necessary to succeed in an Algebra course

  • Interpreting Mathematical Information – focuses on ability to learn new materials presented in graphs or text

  • Representing Relationships – focuses on the ability to find formulas for numerical relationships

  • Using Symbols – focuses on student understanding of important algebraic symbols and their use


Our class focuses on both the content and structure of the IAAT test. This means that our instructor will work to familiarize students with the basic concepts of Algebra, including algebraic expressions and their use in linear equations. Our instructor will also walk students through several proctored practice tests in order to allow them to practice testing in a realistic atmosphere and reduce their test anxiety for the day of their test. All of this will allow students to perform to the absolute best of their ability on test day.

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