Course List

10- Hour College Essay Boot Camp

5 days, 10 hours

Suggested Grade Level

11th - 12th Graders


8/3 - 8/7: 7PM - 9PM

11-Session SAT Prep Class

11 days, 24 hours

Suggested Grade Level

10th - 12th Graders


8/11 - 8/25: Evening/Weekend Sessions

25-Hour College Essay Boot Camp

5 days, 25 hours

Suggested Grade Level

Rising 12th Graders


8/14 - 8/21: 12:30PM - 5:30PM

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SAT Testimonials:

  • The math section has proven useful in helping cover potential SAT questions and has been great in improving my math skills.

  • I liked how we were given ample time to try to rework what we got wrong, and how we were able to express any questions we had without being put on the spot.

  • I thought it was very well paced and useful, actually learning the logic behind all the grammar structures I instinctively knew has helped me more confident about my answer choices.

  • I thought the grammar portion was done really well, I found it to be very informative and well-planned.

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain each subject thoroughly, it is very appreciated.

College Essay Boot Camp Testimonials:

  • I think this class has really made me reflect on myself as an individual and has also motivated me to change into the person I would like to become.

  • From this class I learned to not only talk about myself and my achievements in my application, but also how I contribute to others and the community. 

  • I definitely found it [the class] very helpful and thought-provoking.

  • I learned that an essay should follow a climax style story and use anecdotes, achievements should include impact, and the why's of the why's must be explained.

  • Really appreciated the feedback on my Personal Statement draft.

  • I liked that there were opportunities to talk so that the class was more interactive rather than something like a lecture.

Meet Our Summer Teaching Team

Because of our goal to be a leader and innovator in what we do, Veritas Education only works with the best and the most knowledgeable instructors.  Below is more information about our teaching team this summer.

Reading and Writing

Ms. J is a FCPS teacher and a department chair at her school. With about 10 years of teaching experience, she not only knows what it takes to help a student succeed in the classroom, but also knows how to transfer the knowledge effectively so that students can apply the information learned outside the classroom.


General Math/Algebra 2:

These math classes are taught by Ms. K, a FCPS Math teacher. She has over 15 years of teaching experience and is not only patient but also systematic in her teaching. Ms. K's caring attitude and her engaging teaching style are what her students value the most about her.

Pre-Cal/AP Cal/SAT Math:

These advanced classes are taught by Ms. L, who is a PhD (ABD) in Math Education. Ms. L is not only a researcher, who has engaged in math education research at Harvard University, but also a practitioner. With over 20 years of experience in teaching and administrations, Ms. L aims to challenge her students while making math fun and applicable for them. 


AP Literature/AP World History/AP US History/SAT Reading & Writing:

These classes are taught by Mr. T, who is a PhD (ABD) in humanities subjects. As a former college adjunct professor, Mr. T loves to share his passion in reading, writing, and critical analysis with his students. With over 15 years of experience teaching both public and private school students, Mr. T aims to enhance students' interest in reading, while cultivating their research thinking and writing skills as these are key skills needed in AP classes.

College Essay Boot Camp

This signature intensive writing class is designed and taught by our Ivy League instructors. They not only know precisely what top schools are looking for, but also how to draw out the "best" of our students. ​They don't simply settle for the cliche of "be yourself" because there are multiple sides of a person, and understanding who we really are is not an easy task (see past students' comments here)! Our instructors have worked with students from around the world and know what qualities/experiences are unique and what are overused. Our sessions are not only meant to help students write a strong main essay, but also help them gain a better understanding of who they are with the goal to help them morph into an even stronger thinker, observer, and writer.   

Development of Thinking and Communication Habits

This module is designed by our Ivy League team, which brings over 30 years of teaching experiences to students from K-12 and beyond. The instructors will be our FCPS teachers or our senior level teachers. We look forward to help students develop strong thinking and communication skills through our engaging lessons. 

Reading, Writing, Math, and Deep Thnking

Monday - Friday

4 Weeks

  • Address the core concepts of the SOLs and frequent areas of testing difficulty, we use real SOL questions and practical exercises to explain and improve on students’ testing scores.

  • Taught by instructors selected for their extensive experience in either the public school system or private educational institutions

  • Train students to communicate effectively, speak publicly, and think deeply.

  • The course covers a diverse variety of writing, including descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive writing, among others with the goals to enhance students' critical reading ability and writing effectiveness.

  • Students will explore effective reading methodologies, discover their writing potential, and learn to compose logically structured and deep essays.

Development of Thinking and Communication Habits 

  • Based on years of experience working with K-12 students in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas, our team has identified several areas of difficulty for students and seeks to address them through a specialized curriculum. “Development of Thinking and Communication Habit” is a module developed by our team of Ivy League educators to promote deep thinking, communication skills, and personal growth. This specialized instruction will be integrated into the summer course through a daily 1-hour section.


1-4 Week Options

  • Strengthening reading and writing ability:

    • Practical and personalized teaching, resulting in a systematic strengthening of students’ reading, writing, and testing abilities

    • Vocabulary Development: Understanding how to identify the different meanings of a word based on context, promoting a thorough understanding of the parts of speech and their usage, and exploring the impact of slang on the written word

    • Grammar and Writing: Professional training for grammar usage to avoid frequently-made writing mistakes, especially the issue of misplaced modifiers in the exam.

    • Logical Debate: Improving students’ logical reasoning and argumentation helps students understand the structures and arguments often seen in SAT reading sections.

    • Using questions from the actual test to teach students allows them to practice test-taking strategies before their test day.


  • Strengthening quantitative abilities:

    • Familiarizing students with the structure of questions and test sections, introducing targeted studying strategies, and instructing students how best to use their time both during the test and while preparing for it

    • Analyzing internal logic of the question in order to answer questions strategically

    • By taking knowledge the student has already acquired and explaining how best to use it in the context of the test, we strengthen their day-of testing abilities

    • Spark students’ interest in mathematics and reduce testing anxiety by reducing “math phobia.”

College Essay Bootcamp

4-day or 5-day option

  • Designed by our Ivy League teaching team

  • Guided by theories and experiences, this writing intensive program provides comprehensive college application essay instruction and feedback on important and particularly difficult aspects of the essay-writing process.

  • Explain in detail areas of frequent misconceptions for students when writing their college essays.

  • Through hands-on exercises, we help students to write essays representative of their experience that show off their authenticity, strengths, and uniqueness.

  • Students receive personalized feedback and guidance from our experienced instructors.

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