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We understand that the college application process can be like a black box. Our team is here to help. Let us know what your questions are and we will do our best to provide a response! This can be about the college application process, our services, or about growth mindset. We look forward to hearing from you! 


What will be the best time for a rising 11 grader to take the College Application course?

Dear E,

We offer two College Application related services:
Individual advising/coaching: this is good for students as early as 8th grade so that we can help them make individual plans and check on their progress throughout their journey into young adulthood. Students will meet with experienced senior advisors every 4 to 6 weeks for 1 hour to prepare for their college application and work towards the young adulthood by fostering their deep thinking and writing skills, as these are essential qualities that top schools are looking for. During each session, students will work on their resume, talk about activities, discuss their passion, explore their unique factors, find their best fit schools, and work on all of their essays under the guidance of our senior advisors. To learn more about this service, you can click here and here for a student’s reflection.

We also offer various Essay Writing classes, and these are for rising 11th graders or rising 12th graders. Our college essay boot camp helps students to learn about what top schools are looking for in their essays and how to formulate their thoughts, while providing personalized feedback on students’ works. For rising 11th graders who would like to have a taste of how to approach their essays and subsequently gain insights on the best ways to prioritize their activities in the following academic year, this boot camp is a good place to start with during the summer so that they can see what they already have and what else they should do during 11th grade. We have a 10-hour class that starts on Monday, August 3 and a 25-hour class that starts on August 14. We recommend the 10-hour class if your child would like to learn what top schools are looking for and gain a more holistic understanding of what he may need in order to write meaningful essays. He can also use the skills learned from this program to apply to other programs. To learn more about this class, click here.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you, E!

Veritas Education Team


What are types of activities are valuable for the college application? What if the kids are not outstanding in an activity? For instance, if they only reach the state level, not the national level.

Dear M,

The most important quality that many colleges are looking for, is how committed you are to the activities you participated in and whether the activities allow the students to “branch out” .

Even if a student is not outstanding in that activity (such as state level vs. national level), as long as they have demonstrated persistence and strong tem spirit (or if they can use the skills learned to benefit others), then it would be considered equally valuable. Of course, there are certain schools they would like to see national or international awards on a student’s resume, but there are only a few schools that are like that.

Here are some general info regarding activities you might consider for your child:
Colleges are impressed by students with leadership skills. Participate in student government, or even try to organize and run your own club would be helpful. Please note that a student can be a leader without a leadership title. What matters more is their action.
Most colleges consider some forms of volunteer work or community service a must-have for all applicants, but try to do volunteer work that your child can utilize the skills learned rather than busy work.
Participate in Arts to demonstrate your creativity
Culture Clubs can also be used to demonstrate a student is open to other cultures and promote diversity
Sports: A great way to showcase teamwork, leadership skills, and physical fitness.

We are having a free College Application Online Workshop this Friday 7/31 at 7:30pm, where we will talk all about college application.

We hope to see you there!

Veritas Education Team


It looks like Veritas has some college professors on board to lead students on research subjects. How does this work?

Dear L,

The concept for this project is to help our students get more involved in the field that they are interested/passionate in and acquire experience through conducting research. We have different partner programs running for both the summer and the academic year in areas such as Computer Science, Biology, Mathematics, Psychology, etc. Professors leading these research projects are renowned scholars in the field who are currently teaching at top universities, such as Yale University, Brown University, and University of Pennsylvania, etc.

Depending on the student’s research interest, we would provide recommendations for available programs. Project length differs based on the field, and can run from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, in which students will work closely with their instructor and partners (a group of 3 to 4) in research to complete their projects and compose a research thesis. Publishing their paper is optional but the program will work with students towards their goal if they choose to submit it for publication. Selected students will also be granted recommendation letters, thus students are encouraged to take the initiative and reach out to their professors.

Successful applicants may also be required to take prerequisite courses (free of charge) such as data analysis, foundation in research, coding basics, etc. All courses and research are conducted virtually.

The application process is:
Email our team at about students’ research interest
Submit student resume
Schedule a meeting with our specialist to discuss potential research projects
Complete application form
Complete interview
Confirm application result
Pay program fee and start the program

We are currently accepting applicants for research projects starting in September and October. Please let us know if you have any questions.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Veritas Education Team


What should we consider when it comes to yearly course selection? How many AP classes should my child be taking?

Dear H,

Thank you for participating in our online survey.

In the survey, we mentioned that you are interested in the topic of “yearly course selection”.

This question requires a more individualized answer as each student is different, but more broadly, students should use the time not only to challenge themselves by taking more advanced classes, but also to try out classes that may lead to their future major. In other words, students do not have to take all difficult classes because they should allow time for them to explore their interests and show the colleges that they are taking active steps to try new subjects. 10th grade is a great time to chose some fun classes as 11th grade tend to be very hectic as students will be taking even more advanced classes. Please do know that, students do not have to take AP classes in order to take the AP exams. Therefore, AP classes are not mandatory as long as they are challenging themselves.

We are having a free College Application Online Workshop this Friday 7/31 at 7:30pm, where we will talk all about college application. Here is the registration link:

We hope to see you there!

Veritas Education Team


I'm a rising senior and I'm currently looking for a college consulting service regarding my personal essay. I'm aware that Veritas offers multiple bootcamps for the personal essay and advising for the entire admissions process, but I'm mainly interested in a one-on-one consulting/advising for the personal essay. Do you offer a one-on-one hourly essay consulting service?

Hi B,

Thank you for reaching out to our team for the one-on-one essay consulting services. We do have an exclusive package just working with students on their essays. It is an hourly package where students will send us their essays for professional editing and revising. Our senior advisors will communicate with students via emails and provide feedback to their submitted essays. Students are also encouraged to submit their supporting documents such as their resume or activity list to provide as much background information as possible (not sure about if we’d like to offer this part). Frequency of drafts varies based on the student's individual progress on each of their essays, for example, a good Commonapp main essay (650 words) will usually take 4 to 6 revisions. For more information about our senior advisors, please feel free to check out our official website: We will provide the advisor's bio to the family if requested (again, not sure).

The next steps are:
1. Confirming your decision with a number for hours of purchase
2. Out team will send out a contract for you to sign and return
3. Payment via paypal or Zelle
4. Send us essays for revision
5. Our senior advisors will reach out to students for their essays

For more information about our college application accepted results, please check out:

And for testimonials from our previous students, please find it here:

We look forward to hearing back from you regarding your decisions! Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Veritas Education Team

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