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Dr. Wu at TJHSST: Summer Self Discovery Workshop

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Student empowerment and self discovery are crucial building blocks to all areas of educational success.

Beyond their middle/high school careers, having a deep sense of self awareness is fundamental for building a strong career and future success. However, our students are not often encouraged to embark on the road of self-discovery. This is why Dr. Wu, alongside a co-panel of leading experts in the field, decided to host such an event for both parents and students.

"Can you describe yourself using just a few words?"

This was a question Dr. Wu proposed to the audience in her first workshop, focusing on “Growth Mindset”. This was a difficult question for many to answer. It was evident that several parents had never been asked this question before. Dr. Wu shared that she has professional titles, but this is not necessarily what defines her. She elaborated on the idea of “What I Do vs Who I Am”. She then described herself as an observer, a thinker, an entrepreneur, teacher/mentor, speaker, connector, etc.

Together Dr. Wu and attendees walked through the different aspects of Self-Discovery: What is the importance of self-awareness? Why don’t people self-discover? How do we self-discover? And how do you begin building your “Resume of Failure”? These are questions that aim to promote deep thinking within ourselves.

Dr. Wu’s afternoon session was geared towards the students. During this session students were asked to express how they saw a successful leader. A key point that was found among everyone was the importance of communication in a leader. However, perhaps to the surprise of the students, Dr. Wu again brought them back to failures. She emphasized the need to create a “Resume of Failure”, and encouraged them to share what they have learned from those experiences.

We were proud to have two of our long term students presenting alongside Dr. Wu. Daniel Shen, a freshman at Dartmouth College and Teresa Dong, a senior at Marshall High School. As two mature young adults, they shared their own experiences and advice regarding the meaning and importance of self-discovery. For students attending, they had the chance to see self-discovery in action, and by seeing this life skill within their fellow classmates makes the positive outcomes seem all the more impressive.

The feedback from parents and students was uplifting and encouraging. We are thrilled that we have more families willing to focus on a growth mindset, working towards self-discovery everyday!

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Dr. Wu and the Veritas Education Team have been proud to work, teach, and learn alongside TJHSST. Check out some of our past TJ Events and comprehensive info guides!

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Leonard Gates
Leonard Gates
Oct 04, 2021

Great readiing your blog

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