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Dr. Wu's ebook - Introduction

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Much of my life has been centered around my love for China and the Chinese language. I love the culture so much that I even teach my daughter Chinese, and share with her the beauty in Chinese traditions. Though my daughter is still quite young, her life is already surrounded by complexities. Her mother is white, and grew up in a small farming town in Central Oregon. Her father is Afro-Latino and grew up in downtown Washington DC, as a second generation child in a proud Dominican family. Though our daughter is fully American, the influences behind our backgrounds will influence how we parent, and ultimately how we raise her. Something as simple as West Coast and East Coast lifestyles, and even linguistics bring a whole new aspect to all of our lives. As a result, the complexity of being biracial within these two spheres will bring her navigation in life to an entirely different level.

A head of beautiful curly hair, that is swimming with English, Spanish and Chinese everyday of her life.

So, how do we raise and educate students who are bi-cultural? How do we navigate these complexities and bring out the richest parenting possible for our daughter? These are the kinds of questions I began to ask in my conversations with Dr. Yuhsien Wu. It wasn’t that she was sitting down and telling me how to raise my daughter, rather she was sharing her journey and each step began to transform into a lesson. I asked her to bring me back to the beginning, and walk me along the path that took her to where she now stands. I was hoping that I could gain some insight and find some practical steps to grow in my field of work. However it was when I combined my role as an educator and a parent, that I became deeply intrigued by the wealth of knowledge she could share with me.

As these lessons began to pile up, I realized that walking chronologically with Dr. Wu through her life, we had an immense amount that we could share with both our students and parents. In this series we hope to tackle some hard issues, discover real life application that many of our readers are searching for, and share with you all the core values and vision embedded in Veritas Education. All in the hopes that we can help parents and students gain some kind of inspiration in both their academic and everyday lives.

Follow us as we walk through this journey together each week in a new Blog Series. Share your own stories, experiences and comments on each post. We would love to hear how your story fits into this unique area of parenting and education.

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Contributed by: Jade Rhoden

Edited by Dr. Yuhsien Wu

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