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5 Common Misconceptions of Early Educational Development (Workshop)

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Veritas Education Workshop Series #1 (K-6th graders)

Childhood is an important time for growing students to develop their sense of self and their own, intrinsically-motivated passions. It’s a parent’s job to help guide their children towards developing this sense of self. But what are different milestones that children should reach and how should parents help them achieve these goals?

Join us on May 4th, 7PM Eastern Time as we discuss 5 common misconceptions that parents can have about childhood development. We’ll cover such topics as:

  • How should parents help their children set age-appropriate milestones and developmental goals?

  • What are some of the best ways to motivate younger children?

  • How can parents and students effectively communicate with each other, and what are some strategies to improve communication?

  • What characterizes growth and mature thinking, and how can parents help promote it in their children?

  • What should I do if it seems like my child is too shy?

These questions and more will be covered by our lecturers as they cover research and tips related to childhood development.


Dr. Wu

  • Co-founder of Veritas Education, Dr. Wu’s research focuses on K-12 education and guidance

  • Founded the youth volunteer mentoring program BranchOut!

  • Board of Director of Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance (H4A)

  • Former business school professor and author of several books covering education and development

  • Guest speaker at several events and conferences organized by MIT, TJHSST, and industry organizations including Deutsche Bank and Fannie Mae.

Ms. Myers

  • Veritas Education Advisor & Instructor

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Ed.M. graduate

  • Boston University B.A. graduate in early childhood development

  • Certified teacher with extensive experience teaching reading, writing, and cognitive development to young children

To join us, please send an email to indicating your interest. The Zoom meeting URL and password will be sent to you via email 1-2 days before the lecture.

We look forward to seeing you there and answering your questions!

Date & Time: May 4th, Tuesday, 7 pm EDT

Location: Zoom Webinar

Language: English


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