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Preparing students for the real world: How to detect weaknesses, and turn them into strengths.

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

When local business owners were asked: "What is the biggest reason you let someone go?" Their answers all pointed towards the importance of self-improvement. A common theme around Veritas Education lately.

Many people coming out of university lacking a key skill: they do not know how to detect their own limitations. For so long they have been stuck in the mindset that they are the "perfect student". They found ways to never ask for help, they did everything on their own. So what does this translate into the workplace?

They are unwilling to put in the time and effort to reflect. They are incapable of learning from their mistakes. Resulting in a demeanor that reflects pride rather than humility.

So how can we help our students prepare for this real world issue?

Celebrate their strengths and encourage them to be their best selves: Though we want our students to be "perfect", we have to realize that this is not reality, and that’s okay. We must help our students celebrate their strengths so that they are comfortable with having weaknesses.

Encourage them to seek out their weaknesses: When students know themselves, in strength and in weakness, they can build both self-awareness and self-confidence. If students are continuously told to “be perfect”, they are unaware of the areas they are lacking in.

Never place shame on a student for having a weakness/asking for help: Detecting a weakness and knowing how to seek out help is a strength. It is a skill that must be strengthened within our students. They will all face a time in their lives where they need help, where they don’t understand something 100%. It is our duty to prepare them for these occasions.

"It is not the counsel who is wise, but the person who is seeking the counsel who is wise".

At Veritas Education we will always champion students who are determined to grow. We see strength in inviting others into our life, in order to grow from their counsel.

Is your student looking for a setting to grow academically as well as personally?

We try our best to impart all of these skills through our reading and writing enhancement classes. Students will learn how to communicate effectively, think critically, and build their reading, writing and presentation skills in a creative way. They will also discover how to build leadership strengths, and why that is crucial for their personal growth. Through this class, we hope to build students’ core communication skills while helping them seek success in a positive way.

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Contributed by: Jade Rhoden

Photo Credit: Dr. Yuhsien Wu. Taken at West Lake, China.

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