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SAT Essay is not required by the Ivy League schools

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Princeton University, Brown University, and Stanford University dropped the SAT essay test requirement last week.

All 7 Ivy League schools, along with many others, have dropped the essay requirement because of the the cost and the predictability of students’ writing skills.

Does it mean that colleges no longer care about writing skills? Top institutions, especially the Ivy League schools, look for students who are able to communicate thoughtfully and logically. They are now requiring students to submit a graded sample of high school writing in English or History. This means, they are looking for good writing in general, rather than just for a specific test.

There are about 25 schools that still require the essay test, including the 9 schools in the University of California system.

Regardless, the SAT test itself is continually one important piece of the college prep puzzle. Though the test itself has recently been through a redesign, and a few schools are trying to place less weight on standardized tests, it is undeniable that the SAT remains a key component in assessing a student’s academic preparation especially if a student’s GPA it not satisfactory.

“Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods” – Anonymous

How can students be flexible with their study methods?

Build upon the basic read and repeat methods. Once you engage with your material, your perception will transform. With guidance, students can reassess their strengths, limitations, and make a plan of action to build their basic test-taking mechanics. The SAT is unlike any other test a student will take, and for this reason we have to be creative in our approach.

Be stubborn, and aim for your perfect score. However, utilize every approach and resource you can to arrive there. Beyond our highly experienced SAT teachers, we provide students with a bonus SAT Math official study guide in our summer intensive SAT class to ensure our students are able to utilize every resource possible.

How can we as teachers be flexible with our teaching methods?

At Veritas Education, we begin each SAT course with a learning style test to gauge the best way to help our students. We do not only want to assess an academic starting point, but also their metacognitive skills to help students learn. Our teachers build curriculum around our student’s current level, and help them to think outside of the box and ensure confidence in a wide range of SAT scenarios.

Our SAT Summer Intensive class begins on July 28th, just in time for the August test!

• 11 sessions (4 Math + 7 Reading/Writing)

• 26 hours of test prep with a bonus mock exam on 8/19

• Small class sizes

• Experienced teachers with proven track records

Both online and offline options are available!

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We hope you will join us on your SAT Prep journey,

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