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Veritas Edu: Book of the Week

The Word Collector

By Peter H. Reynolds

Grade Levels: Kindergarten-2

As this book has recently been recommended by President Barack Obama for the Chicago Public Library, we thought it would be nice to share this book for younger children as this week’s Book of the Week. The Word Collector was also honored as Bank Street College of Education's 2019 Book of the Year. If you’d like to hear more about the book and enjoy a wonderful reading, as well, you can find it on President Obama’s Twitter post.

This extraordinary book, written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, chronicles the adventures of Jerome, the boy who collects words. It explores the wonder of a child as he explores words, wonder we should all be open to experiencing, no matter our age. It’s a chance for younger students to learn new and interesting words of their own. It’s also a celebration of the power that words have to allow us to define our world, take part in it, and shape our own identity.

Once you’ve read the book, feel free to check out the animated film produced by Peter Reynolds’s own FableVision! This is a great book for young children to practice their reading, sound out some new words, and discover the joy of learning.

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