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Why is Writing Important in the Digital Age?

Many parents aren’t very clear about what kind of future their child could have as a writer and what they need to be prepared to become a writer. Some students may also be curious if they’re not going to be an author or an English professor, then they don’t really need to practice writing. So why is writing important for everyone?

We are honored to have professional writer and writing professor Mari Murdock join us to share her professional insights and advice. Mari specializes in tabletop gaming content and fiction. She is best known for her work on the “Legend of the Five Rings,” in which she wrote the Scorpion Clan novella Whispers of Shadow and Steel for Fantasy Flight Games and Alderac Entertainment Group. She has also been published by Gallant Knight Games, Outland Entertainment, Green Ronin Publishing, and Heads & Tails publishing. She doubles as a professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City where she teaches writing.

Check out the interview below to learn why writing is important especially in the digital age.

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