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Thanksgiving Camp 2018

College Planning In Action

 College planning goes far beyond application deadlines and SAT scores. College planning is discovering your passions and learning how to be grounded in self confidence. It is learning how to serve our communities, and communicating outside of our comfort zone. It is stepping foot on university soil, and gaining inspiration for the years of hard work ahead of you.

Take a closer look at this journey with our 4th annual Thanksgiving Camp! 

Campus Tours

Johns Hopkins University. University of Pennsylvania. Drexel University. 

 Here students gained an in-depth understanding of university requirements, and found inspiration for their own application process. Touring the campuses allowed students to feel the student experience, and learn what campus life truly looks like. 

After the campus tours students visited the surrounding areas to get a sense of the community surrounding the universities. 

College Application Prep

College Essay Writing. Self-Discovery.


Students joined intensive college prep courses focused on developing themselves on many levels.  They dug deep into communication skills, the crucial aspects of team work, and how to make a positive impact on a team through leadership. To top it all off, they fine tuned their interview skills, and worked to tailor essays through our creative writing workshop.

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

Finding Community. Giving back to Community. 


 Students found community when a local family opened their home on Thanksgiving to share traditions, memories, and a feast! They in turn gave back to the local community, and experienced first hand the joy that comes from taking part in civic engagement. 


Understanding others, and giving back to others are effective ways to gain more understanding into who we are. It begins to build something strong within ourselves, and we understand that success goes beyond ourselves. Stepping outside of our comfort zone gives us the chance to grow, and gain new perspective.

Join us next year!

Contact us to learn more about Thanksgiving Camp 2019!

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