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TJ Test Prep

At Veritas Education, we are dedicated to preparing our students for a competitive world. This means that we offer our students the opportunity to grow not only academically, but as a whole person. 

We understand that a student's journey with TJ goes far beyond the test prep, and even the test itself. We are confident that we can fully prepare our students to grow and reach their full potential during their time at TJ. 

TJ Test Prep Course

This class is designed to prepare students for the TJHSST admittance test. There are two sections to this course, a full-semester course beginning in 7th grade and a crash test prep course beginning in 8th grade which only run until the test is offered in November. Students who have not taken the Grade 7 course are welcome to join for the Grade 8 crash course, as they can be taken independently.

The TJ admissions test is a composite of two testing systems spread across three sections:

  • Math Section: Math aptitude is determined by taking the Quant Q quantitative reasoning test; it contains 28 questions and 50 minutes are allotted to complete them.

  • Reading Section: Reading aptitude is determined by taking the ACT Aspire Reading test; it contains 32 questions and 65 minutes are allotted to complete them.

  • Science Section: Science aptitude is determined by taking the ACT Aspire Science test; it contains 40 questions and 60 minutes are allotted to complete them.


We separate our test prep into two sections – one for STEM and one for humanities. The Reading / Writing section covers the ACT Aspire Reading test and the Math / Science section covers the Quant Q and ACT Aspire Science test. Our teachers for both courses are seasoned instructors with prior experience teaching at public and private institutions in greater Northern Virginia area who are familiar with the TJ admittance test process. They will review content presented in the text, provide students a chance to experience the test in realistic, proctored sessions, and walk students through test-taking strategies that will allow them to utilize their subject knowledge to the best of their ability.

Looking for a TJ Writing Intensive?

This course will cover:​

  • Purpose of writing: An overview of TJ’s Writing test

  • Self-discovery: Personal accomplishments/strengths/goals

  • SIS: Brainstorm ideas and outline best-fit answers for 

  • Personal statement development

  • Math/science word problems!

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