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"My son took the TJ Prep class last summer, because he is not good at writing and expressing his thoughts. This small group class really helped him to think about who he is and what he likes as he did not do much preparation before taking the test. We are very pleasantly surprised that he got into TJ. We can't thank you enough and highly recommend your class to anyone who wants to get ready for the TJ test!" 



"Thank you so much for being so patient for talking to me about my son and his progress. I am grateful to have met someone who can guide my teenage son. I believe your team and your expertise in student development will help my son and bring positive impact to him. Thank you so much!"

TJ Prep Course &
 TJ Prep Writing Intensive

Elaine, Student, 8th grade

I have learned that you need to be a well rounded, brave student to get into TJ, not just a student who is intelligent and has good grades. You have to research a lot before looking into the school as a choice and make sure you know what they are aiming for and what their beliefs are. I also learned what type of students TJ is looking for and what to avoid and write in good essays. I would definitely recommend this class to people who need it because it was very helpful to me and I learned a lot from it. I would say that you learn a variety of things in this class and it improves your essay writing a lot. 

Sean, Student, 8th grade

I have learned about what TJ is looking for in our essays or what it takes to get into TJ. I have also learned about the importance of having a strong background and relationship with teachers (recommendations) to get into TJ. One weak link can mean the difference of getting in and being rejected. I would say this class provides students the details on how to make your essay stronger and more "efficient" to get out all of your personal information (reasons). 

Jeffrey, Student, 8th grade

I knew a lot of the stuff that was being said but the way the class was organized helped me a lot. It made my thoughts more clear and straightforward. The things taught here also probably will help me with future essays, like college essays. One of the things that I didn't know before was the Mastery and Performance based orientations. I would recommend this class, it made me a lot more confident with my writing, and provided me with a lot of needed practice. 

Billy, Student, 8th grade

I learned how to write a proper resume, and how to write a good essay. I would recommend this class to others, because it improved my writing skills by a lot. Though I wish it would have gone on longer, day wise. 

Ryan, Student, 8th grade

I have received admission into TJ! Thank you for guiding me to success on the TJ writing test!

Ms. Wang, Parent

Fairfax, VA

I can't stop thinking how much I value your edits/comments to my son.  He needs to hear them badly and he can follow the ideas when you point out to him. I haven't seen any other teacher give him such helpful and honest feedback. So I really appreciate it.  Thank you.

Patrick, Student, 8th grade

Dear Dr. Wu, today I was offered admissions to TJHSST. I am very happy and proud, and I would like to thank you for your weeks of effort preparing me for the test, even after the class was over. Thank you very much.

Zaxi, Student, 8th grade

I think the class is good and very helpful. I enjoyed the class and had fun, and I learned a lot from it. I think this class is near perfect. I would definitely recommend it to someone who needs a TJ writing class.

Carl, Student, 8th grade

In this class, we can be productive and have fun at the same time, which are two qualities I think a good prep class should have. I enjoyed this class. The feedback and lectures were helpful and I would recommend this class to someone who wants a TJ writing class that is interesting and productive at the same time.

Kevin, Student, 7th grade

I think that you guys did a pretty good job on how you organized the class, and what to teach us because we are still in middle school, but you made it so that we can learn about high school things and still actually understand it. I think that this class is very good preparation about how and what TJ is looking for.

David, Student, 8th grade

"I attended another TJ prep program with not so great experience before joining yours. After just one class, I could clearly see the difference between your program and the other, and was glad that I attended. At the end of the entire session, I found myself not only learned how to answer these TJ questions with confidence, but also learned to think holistically about who I am and how to present myself. I will definitely recommend your class to others."

Sophia, Student, 8th grade

"I learned the testing format for TJ, strategies and tips to answer the SIS questions while still giving them information about yourself, how to connect everything to something you have done/ accomplished, and to outline my POG skills. I have also learned tactics to help solve the problem solving question, and how to dissect it so that it is easier to understand, comprehend, and solve. I would definitely recommend this class to others! Everyone that helped me was very nice, and taught me a lot of very useful information. I am definitely glad I did the prep at Veritas, because I feel more prepared for the TJ test now, and know what I need to highlight and focus on while I take the test."

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