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A 21st Century Multicultural STEM Education Project to promote STEM education and cross-cultural understanding. 

At Veritas Education we are proud to provide our students with exciting opportunities to serve their communities. We hope to instill in our students that knowledge is power, and with this power you can give back to the people who need it most. We want students to strive towards the ideal of a global community, where we truly are all one. Beyond this, we plan to continually equip our students with the resources to make these truths reality.


Students are leaders. Students can serve in innovative ways. Students can change the world. 

This unique volunteer program is student built, managed, and led!

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what our team has created!

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We are an Official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award!


Service, community, and self-growth are at the core of everything we do!


Thank you, Dr. Wu, and our many volunteer members for your commitment to serving local students! Your willingness to branch out has paid off! LEARN MORE about this exciting honor. 

Congratulations branchOut! 

For being awarded the Gold Star Group volunteer award

from the Fairfax Neighborhood and Community Services organization. 


Learn more about this prestigious award by visiting BranchOut!'s website! 

Why Should You Join BranchOut!?

A multi-faceted program

Mentors gain just as much as they give! 

Serve your community through building student's STEM knowledge.

This is the core of the mission. We exist so that students who are traditionally under-served, can grow. We want each and every student to know that they are strong, intelligent and able. STEM is for everyone, and we are on a mission to share the resources and knowledge we have. We hope to excite, inspire and change the world through these children. 

Enrich your life, and the lives of students with
multi-cultural exchange. 

Multi-cultural exchange is at the heart of this program. The beauty of our world is that we grow in the essence of our diversity, cultures and races, yet in the end we are all one family. We aspire to bridge gaps, build understanding and show the world around us that community breaks down traditional barriers. Mentors will walk away with a new view and respect for diversity. 

An opportunity to grow and gain valuable life experience. 

This program was created so that students are awarded the opportunity to grow on all levels. From beginning to end, students are preparing for the real world. Filling out an application, interviewing and showing up for work on-time is just the start. Students are given endless opportunities to serve on our management teams, and gain priceless experience for their futures.  

Once in a
  life time 

Lawrence Zhu

Last year, I participated in the Branchout program. I was able to meet people from unique cultural backgrounds and students with different learning needs. During my experience, I built strong relationships with my mentees. One of these mentees was a 21 year old student who had recently moved to America from Afganistan. Despite his social status, he was brilliant, constantly trying to learn how to read English and develop his linguistics. One day, we had a conversation about what we wanted to do in the future. I explained my aspirations to become a lawyer. When he explained his goals, I was astounded. Prior to moving to the US, he was in medical school in order to become a field doctor, to save the lives of fighters on the frontlines. However, conflict, violence, and terror displaced him out of his home country. His family traveled the world, searching for a place to live, an asylum. They found themselves in Falls Church Virginia. His history was amazing. I had never met anyone with such motivation or anyone who had faced such great hardship. The branchout program gave me a once in a lifetime experience to expand my horizons.

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Learn more about the BranchOut! experience!

Visit BranchOut!'s MAIN WEBSITE for the latest information! 

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