Enrichment Course:

Developmental of Deep Thinking and Communication Habit

What does it mean to be an effective thinker?

How can you share information while remaining, authentic, calm, and confident?


Our developmental module class will not only develop students' deep thinking skills, but also teach them how to build crucial interpersonal skills.  

“Development of Thinking and Communication Habit” is a module developed by our team of Ivy League educators to promote deep thinking, communication skills, and personal growth. Based on years of experience working with K-12 students in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas, our team has identified several areas of difficulty for students and seeks to address them through a specialized curriculum that will help students develop habits of deep thinking as well as thoughtful communication.


To do this, we focus on several sub-modules, including the ones below:

  • Goal Setting: Students will learn the differences between kinds of goals and the effort it will take to achieve them.

  • Active Listening and Active Reading: Students will learn strategies for listening and close reading that will allow them to fully understand material and think more critically.

  • Deep Thinking: Students will learn how to both to develop complex thoughts about a given topic as well as how to adjust those thoughts based on new information.

  • Leadership: Students will learn about different leadership styles and the leadership skills that define them.


The purpose of this course is to develop students’ soft skills and ability to think deeply about themselves and their actions. Although the course incorporates parts of the academic curriculum, particularly reading and writing, the focus of this class is to develop habits and modes of thinking that will serve students in their academic goals more broadly. This includes an emphasis on open communication and critical thinking.

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