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Recommendation Packet Service
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Why should families care about the counselor/recommendation packet? 

Counselor packet, junior packet, senior profile, or counselor questionnaire all refer to the form that counselors or teachers use when collecting information to write a student's recommendation letter, which is critical to the college application process. 


Common misconceptions among students:

  • It is not important

  • My counselor/teacher knows what I am doing; there is no need to provide additional information

  • There is no need to organize my information, my counselor knows what to highlight

  • I don't want to repeat myself, so there is no need to go into detail about my experiences


Key points that parents need to know about your child's counselor packet:

  • Almost all universities, especially top schools, require counselor and teacher recommendations

  • An outstanding recommendation WILL HELP a student stand out

  • Your child might only have met their counselor once or twice throughout their high school years. Therefore, counselors rely heavily on the materials provided in the packet to write the recommendation letter

  • The packet will sometimes ask for parents' input and it is vital to know what the recommender is looking for


Highlights of Our Counselor Packet Service

Help students to:

  • Understand what they should include and highlight in the packet

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with their recommender via the packet

  • Obtain professional input in editing and revising their packet


Help parents to:

  • Understand what information should be provided 

  • Get professional assistance in editing and revising their answers


Format of the Service

  • A video class with 6 modules that detail specific methods for creating an effective counselor packet and 3 hours of personalized editing (no individual meetings included)

  • The video class contains information on how to effectively present yourself, common "dos and don’ts," sample responses, and recommendations of what personal experiences to highlight

  • The Veritas Edu team will return edits to a packet response sent to us after 3-5 business days 



  • Counselor Packet - Video Only: $59.99 (a saving of $40)

  • Counselor Packet - Video + 3 Hours Editing: $309.99 (a saving of $100)

"Thank you so much for such detailed feedback. It is very helpful. We really appreciate it."


"Very helpful information! I will be revising my packet based on your suggestions!"


“Thanks for the quick response! The comments/edits are very helpful.”


“Thanks a lot for the revised parent packet. It looks professional!”

 "I found this service helpful; the online workshop really helped me come up with ideas for how to answer the questions and, especially, how to brainstorm specific anecdotes that would holistically paint a picture of who I am. The comments and suggestions I received made so much sense, and after my revisions, I was definitely feeling better about what I was presenting on the page. Thanks again to your team for the thorough and insightful feedback, and for all of your time and help!"

We help students get into their dream schools. Learn more about our College Advising Service HERE.


For questions regarding our classes, workshops, and services, contact us via email at

Here is a short clip from our online class!

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