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Advising Group Class

What is this class?

Our Advising Group Class helps students build their skills to become ready to apply to colleges. In this highly competitive application world, it is important that students develop the confidence and capability to stand out. The earlier students start to develop these necessary skills, the better.

Top schools are looking for students who are:

  • Capable Communicators

  • Leaders

  • Deep Thinkers

  • Dedicated to their Passions

  • Active in their Community

  • Self-reflective

  • Creative

  • Risk takers

This class will help students develop these traits and more. Students will receive assistance in choosing classes and activities to plan their trajectory towards their dream schools. 

The classes will be held once a month throughout the school year with an experience advisor who can help students reach their fullest potential.

What's the difference between group class Advising and One-on-One College Advising?



Group Advising

7th-12th Grade

College Planning & App

6th-9th Grade

Foundation for College App

  • Meet 1-2 times a month

  • An assigned advisor throughout the year.

  • Create and work on personalized goals, skills development, high school and college planning, and eventually the actual college application.

  • Meet once a month

  • An advisor guides a group of students.

  • Students learn together about foundational strategies, deep thinking, and basics for college application

  • Essay Assistance (G10,11, 12)

  • Deep Thinking Building

  • Passion Building

  • Course/Activities planning and Selection

  • Individualized College Plan

  • Leadership Building

  • Online Application

  • Foundation for communication, project management, leadership

  • Deep Thinking Building

  • Passion Building

  • Course/Activities planning & Selection

Parents and students are able to contact their advisor to schedule additional meetings or ask questions. Parents and students may contact Veritas Edu via email and will receive replies during office hours.

Students may contact their advisor about homework given in class using instructions given in class. Additional meetings outside of class, including phone calls and WeChat communications, are not available.​

Cost varies by packages. Additional hours may be purchased at any time.

Flat, fixed rate for 10 sessions. No additional sessions may be added.​



Customer Service Availability


Who is it intended for?

Prefer One-on-One Advising? Find more information here:

National Association for College Admission Counseling

We are a proud member of National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA)

The college application process allows students to reflect on their achievements as well as their missteps, which is an important self-discovery process that is crucial in a successful application. We take pride in treating each advising session as an opportunity for students to master their self-awareness skill and work towards becoming the person who they truly want to be.

Dr. Yushien Wu, Co-Founder

Celebrating our 12-Year Anniversary!

  • 90% of our students got into a top 50 college

  • 73% of our students got into an Ivy league/top 25 college

  • Most of our application and advising students come from referrals or are returning families

College Application Planning

The team incorporates professional experiences as well as educational theories to help students:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding about the college application process.

  • Create individualized college application plans.

  • Uncover unique factors, build confidence, and cultivate deep thinking skills. 

  • Review and polish required documents, such as personal statements, college essays, and thank you emails. 

  • Prepare for admission interviews.​


Our theory-driven sessions aim to help students develop a growth mindset with the goal to cultivate their unique factors. Through our one-on-one sessions, we foster deep thinking and professionalism in our students so that they will stand out. We will also provide interview training as well as suggestions on course selections, best-fit schools, and potential majors.

Interested in our Essay Writing Class? Click here

College advising services and what top schools are looking for

Create Winning Essays

Write with confidence! Our experienced and dedicated advisors will work with students to uncover their unique factors by asking critical questions that are meant to promote deep thinking and self-understanding. Based on each student’s profile, we will help them brainstorm best-fit responses. We will also edit/polish each essay to ensure that it captures the essence/best traits of our students.
"Your guidance alleviated a great deal of my stress during applications. I can also rest easy knowing that I submitted authentic representations of myself to colleges. Thanks again for all your help!"        - B.J.

Check out what students have to say about our services (click on the button above or here). 


Ready to start the process or want to learn more? Fill out this basic information form and our team will reach out to you regarding our services, pricing, and how to set up the first meeting.

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