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Book of the Month: The Worst Witch - Series

The Worst Witch - Series

By Jill Murphy

Grade Levels: 4-5

Have a reluctant reader at home? Did you know book series is a great way to excite students and help them build a habit of reading? A book series keeps readers coming back for more, as they connect with familiar characters and find routine in a predictable story. A series is also a great way to expose your readers to more complex plots and characters that are explored over multiple installments.

The Worst Witch is a series written and illustrated by Jill Murphy. While the most recent book was published in 2018, this series has been capturing the attention of elementary and middle school readers since 1974, when the first book was published. Jill Murphy began writing The Worst Witch when she was just 15 years old – it’s no wonder children and teens today continue to connect with this writing.

The Worst Witch series is in the fantasy genre, following a young witch named Mildred Hubble who attends Miss. Cackle’s Academy for Witches, a school of magic. Students will find Mildred loveable and relatable as she navigates friendship drama, clumsy mistakes, and self-discovery– all part of the complexities of school life! Through the series, readers will follow the relationships between Mildred and other characters as they get more complicated over time.

With 7 books at the ready, Jill Murphy provides elementary and middle school readers with an engaging series to jumpstart a lifelong reading habit. By sympathizing with the accident-prone witch in training, Mildred Hubble, readers will also learn how to problem-solve and make the best out of situations out of their control.

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