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Book of the Month: You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself

You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself

By Harry Beckwith & Christine Clifford Beckwith

Grade Levels: 9+

Now and then we like to suggest a nonfiction book that helps students and parents to think in practical terms about how they can progress in their careers or schooling. You, Inc. is a well of useful advice written in bite-sized chunks on every topic from effective Powerpoints to the purpose of goal-setting. It is an excellent book to have on hand for long- term study and short- term advice.

The two authors are influential speakers and business people who have been widely successful in their entrepreneurial work.

Harry Beckwith is a Stanford graduate who heads Beckwith Partners, a marketing firm that advises twenty-three Fortune 200 Clients and dozens of venture-capitalized start-ups on branding and positioning. Christine Clifford Beckwith is the former Senior Executive Vice President of SPAR Marketing Services, and now is the CEO and owner of Christine Clifford Enterprises, an umbrella organization that manages four companies. She has written 8 books and is a renowned motivational speaker.

In this book, they take their decades of experience and turn it into a fun, informative how-to on presenting yourself in the best way professionally and personally. The Beckwiths note that no one buys a product until they buy the person selling them the product first. This extends to all aspects of life. How do you show that you are an expert and have people believe it? How do you present yourself in an interview?

This book is full of clear advice with real anecdotes to back up every lesson and show that they really work. This is one of those books that leaves you pondering and challenges you to embark on a path to self-improvement. In the authors’ own words, “Read this book, then act differently. Don’t seek reassurance. Seek change.”

We’re always seeking ways to help our students grow and this sort of book does just that!


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