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SAT vs ACT: Which is right for you?

Did you know that in 2012 more US students took the ACT than the SAT? In recent years, the two tests have become about equally popular among students and colleges accept both as metrics of standardized testing. That’s why we offer both SAT and ACT prep during our summer semester! But what are the differences between these two tests? And which is right for you? As you can see, both tests include Math, Reading, and Writing sections. However, the ACT includes a Science section while the SAT has a non-calculator Math section. Finally, the ACT is a lot more fast-paced than the SAT. The SAT is 3 hours long for only 154 questions, while the ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes for a whopping 215 questions. That means students have less time to spend on each answer. Which test is best for you depends on how comfortable you are with time constraints, whether you feel confident answering math questions without a calculator, and how strong your understanding of science and reading data is. Some students choose to take both and use whichever score is better! We encourage you to go online and take some practice tests for both. Check out our class list at and sign up for a test prep course. Spend the summer with us and ace the college admittance test of your choice! Credit for graphic:

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