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Helping students grow, from the inside out. 
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College Advising and Applications

What is covered during student advising sessions?

Our advising sessions are tailored to each student’s specific needs. Most often we help students:

  • Understand the college application process, and how to reach their goals

  • Create individualized college application plans for students

  • Uncover key strengths, passions, and possibilities in each student

  • Review and polish required documents, such as personal statements, college essays, and thank you email

  • Prepare for College Admission Interviews

  • Map out goals, and make a practical follow-up plan

  • Resume building: How to display your experience, activities, and passions

Which documents can you help me with for the application process?

We are able to review and polish any document needed for college applications. Most often we help students with: College Essays, Personal Statements, Resumes, Thank You Emails, etc.

How do you help with admissions interviews?

We tailor our admissions interviews around the need of the student, the college being applied to, and the major the student has chosen. Our team is highly trained in preparing and targeting the key questions that may be asked in an admissions interview. Not only will we practice how to verbally answer questions in the interview, we will also practice proper body language and etiquette. Our overall goal is to build vast firsthand experience in our students, which will result in a confident interview.

How can you improve my chances of top college admissions?

With a staff full of top college alumni and staff, this is our field of expertise.

During our advising sessions we cover this exact topic, what are top colleges looking for? We look at how they are different from the average school, and build goals around these facts.

  • Working on mastery vs performance orientation

  • Software vs hardware skills sets

  • How to stand out in admissions, when every applicant is academically qualified

  • How to reflect your passions and unique qualities in college essays, applications, resumes, and interviews

Can you help me choose my major and college?

Yes! Together with students we look at past academics, experiences, interests, and goals. We choose a variety of “dream” schools and “fit” schools for our students to apply to. If students are unsure of which academic path they would like to take, we have a specialized approach to tune into their interests and passions. Together we explore both these schools and majors further with students to ensure the best fit.

Which schools have your students been accepted into?

Our students have been accepted into the following schools (selected list):

  • Harvard College

  • Yale University

  • Princeton University

  • Stanford University

  • MIT

  • Columbia University

  • University of Chicago

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Cornell University

  • UCLA

  • UCBerkeley

  • Washington University in St. Louis

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Carnegie Mellon University (Computer Science)

  • Georgetown University

  • University of Virginia

  • University of Michigan

  • William and Mary College

  • New York University

  • UC - Davis and other UC schools

SAT Test Prep

How effective have your courses been?

Our courses have been highly effective, and we see it in each student’s results. In fact, recently one of our students accomplished a perfect score on both the SAT and ACT exams.

What makes your SAT Test Prep different than others?

  • What are the class sizes?

SAT test prep classes are limited to 10 students for each class series.

  • What is the SAT teaching approach?

- At Veritas Education, we know that each student is different and each learning style is unique. This is why we measure students’ learning style in the beginning to understand the most effective way for them to learn. We measure our student progress through each step, and make sure that each student is challenged, no matter their current level.

- We make sure that students experience a wide variety of problems, to ensure they are confident in all testing scenarios.

- We help students think outside the box, and view problems in more effective ways.

- We teach a specialized test taking approach, and share tips and trick for even the most challenging questions.

  • Do you offer a mock test?

Yes! As each SAT Test Prep series comes to an end, we provide students with a real test taking simulation. We make sure that students experience the exam, setup and time frame, just as they will in the real exam.

TJ Test Prep

What is your track record for TJ admissions?

“Dear Dr. Wu, today I was offered admissions to TJHSST. I am very happy and proud, and I would like to thank you for your weeks of effort preparing me for the test, even after the class was over. Thank you very much.”     

- Student, 8th grade


Veritas Education has had a long and successful relationship with students who are both applying for TJ, the proof is in the many testimonials we receive from happy applicants. We understand that a student's journey with TJ goes far beyond the test prep, and even the test itself. We are confident that we can fully prepare our students to grow and reach their full potential during their time at TJ. 

What does your TJ Test Prep cover?

Courses will include, but are not limited to:

  • TJ Math:

- How to master algebra and geometry in creative ways, thinking outside the box

- How to approach pattern recognition and hone in their skills of probability

- How to challenge themselves in the areas of reasoning, logic and deciphering

- How to approach standardized tests, and how to make an educated guess

- How to solidify this knowledge, in order to see success far beyond this exam

  • TJ Reading and Writing:

- How to show understanding of logical reasoning in ideas

- How to learn about the author, and their intended audience from a text

- How to apply existing knowledge to reason and filtering

- How to decipher tone, symbolism, and underlying messages in texts

- The purpose of writing: overview of TJ’s Writing test

- Personal statement development

- How to effectively use their time, organizing and quick editing tips

- How to justify your opinions and give supporting details

- How to identify inference and assumption in a question

- Understanding of organization and structuring-

What makes your TJ Test Prep different than others?

Our experience and approach. With a great relationship with TJ, our staff has worked many years with students applying to this prestigious school. A great amount of our advising, academic and volunteer students are current TJ students. We have an in depth knowledge of what it takes to both pass the TJ exam, and thrive while at this school. Our approach is individualized and personal. We take into account each student’s strengths, weakness, and passion and we utilize all of those to the student’s advantage.

College Essay Writing 

What is the teaching style of the college essay writing class?

The teaching style of our College Essay Writing class is focused on drawing out the many ideas, examples, and passions that will make you stand out in a crowd of applications. Elite schools are looking for an applicant that shines, and this is often exemplified through essays. Our class is centered around this crucial goal, to pull out and shed light on what makes you special. 

Are classes one-on-one, or group classes?

Our current College Essay Writing Class is a group class. If you would prefer a one-on-one class as well, we offer personal advising sessions that can cover any area needed by a student. These sessions are provided by all of our top teaching/advising staff.

What does the college essay revision process look like?
Can you assist with both Common App and Supplemental Essay questions?
Can you help tailor (at least the idea) of the essay, depending on the college?
After the class has ended, may I send any modified essays in for additional help?

Yes. We pride ourselves on the continual care of our students. Our number one goal is to see you succeed.  If students need more hours, they can always utilize our college advising services  to help complete the required essays.

Reading and Writing Enhancement

What kinds of materials will you cover in this class?

Depending on the level of the class, courses will have one classic/modern classic book at its core. Teachers will also use additional short stories that support the themes and overall goals of the core book. From these readings students will cover a vast amount of grammar, vocabulary, and literary elements. Through deep thinking they will gain understanding in many areas, such as interpersonal communication, self-confidence, leadership, and social awareness.

How do you track reading and writing improvement in students?

Each class series will begin with a reading and writing entry test. Through this test we will both gain the understanding of where this student’s level currently is, and also gain more understanding about the learning style and character of each student. Through the class we closely track the classwork and results of each student. When the class comes to a close students will again take an exit test. Here we can gain a full view of how each child has grown throughout the series.

What can my child gain from this class?
Why are communication and interpersonal skills so important?

GT Test Prep

What does the GT test entail?
How can I help my child prepare for this test?

First and foremost, make sure that you do not put unnecessary pressure or anxiety on your young tester.  Though your child will be learning how to take this specialized “test”, it is best not to let them know the impact that this test will have. Many young learners gain test anxiety, or become resistant when they understand the weight of such a task.

Otherwise, parents should research and understand the specific GT test that their child will be taking. They are not all alike, so our approach may differ. Parents can also help their child at home. Help your child try to look at things in a different way. Ask questions about the things around you and encourage your child to speak out and share how they see things.

What will my child learn in this class?

In this course your child will learn how to express the ability and creativity that is inside them. Many gifted children already see the world in a very different way, they just don’t always know how to express it to others. In a warm and welcoming environment students will learn:

  • The basics of test taking: How to be patient and how to extend their attention for longer periods of time

  • How to remain calm and confident when sharing their answers

  • How to look at pictures, graphs, patterns and puzzles in unique ways

  • How to handle real-life mock interview simulations, and answer with clarity

Volunteer Programs

What volunteer opportunities do you provide?

Veritas Education currently provides two volunteer opportunities for students:


A Multicultural STEM Education Outreach Project, created as a non-profit to promote STEM education and cross-cultural understanding. We exist so that students who are traditionally under-served, can grow. STEM is for everyone, and we are on a mission to share the resources and knowledge we have. We hope to excite, inspire and change the world through the children we mentor. This program was created so that students are awarded the opportunity to grow on all levels. From beginning to end, students are preparing for the real world. Filling out an application, interviewing, and showing up for work on-time is just the start. Students are given endless opportunities to serve on our management teams, and gain priceless experience for their futures.  


A multi-cultural program aimed at teaching newcomers about American culture, values, and lifestyle. The WuzUp team is composed of a group of high school students who are currently studying at American public and private high schools. They are passionate about sharing and connecting with people who are interested in learning more about the American life!

How can I apply to BranchOut!?
  • Visit our BranchOut! website at:

  • Fill out a volunteer application

  • Complete an on-site interview

  • Complete the BranchOut! volunteer training

Do volunteers receive any kind of certificate or letter after completion?

We are happy to announce that BranchOut! is officially a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Depending on each student’s specific number of service hours with BranchOut! we are able to certify this prestigious award.

After each volunteering season has come to an end, program founder Dr. Yuhsien Wu will review the commitment, passion and contribution of each volunteer. A select number of volunteers will receive a letter of recommendation, thanks to their efforts.

Where are the BranchOut! volunteering locations?

BranchOut! has volunteered all across the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area. Each year our locations differ slightly depending on the need of schools as well as community centers. BranchOut! 2018 volunteered at 1 Maryland Public High school, 3 Virginia Public High Schools, and 1 Virginia community center.

Students are matched to location depending on their tutoring/academic experience, as well as their age.

If you would like to see BranchOut! volunteer at your school, contact us and let us know why!

General Information

What are the prices of class and advising?

Each class price differs depending on the length of the series, as well as how many hours are included in each session. To view specific class pricing, please visit our course menu to view your class price. Our College Advising prices are broken into per hour-package deals. Please contact us to receive more detailed information about each package we offer.

Who will be teaching each specific course?

Veritas Education has a wide variety of teaching experts, which are clearly matched to the course being taught. With a staff ranging from Harvard alumni to those with State teaching licenses, our team carries expertise in subjects (not limited to):

English (Reading and Writing), STEM subjects, History, SAT Math, SAT English, TJ Math, TJ Writing, Creative Writing, Education, Business Administration/Management, Linguistics, K-12 curriculum development, Public/Private school systems, Psychology, Human Development and Student Mental Wellness.                        

Who will give the advising sessions?

Our advising sessions are matched by the student’s specific need, and the expertise/experience of our advising staff. For example:

  • Our Co-Founder, Dr. Wu. A Harvard alumni who is an expert in all areas pertaining to the college application process. As a professor and adviser, Dr. Wu has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the college application process. She has advised students who were accepted into Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, and Carnegie Mellon (just to name a few).

  • Mr. Allen, a professor who has over 20 years in education, and extensive experience in college advising

I would like to join a class/workshop that recently ended.
When will the next one begin?

Please contact us with your name, contact information and the class/workshop that you would like to join. The order in which classes/workshops are repeated depends on the need of our students, as well as time of year.

Where are your classes located?

Our classes are conveniently located in these Northern Virginia Locations and are also offered online.

I do not live in the DMV area.
Can I still join your classes, or advising sessions online?

Yes! No matter where you are in the world, all Veritas Education classes, workshops and advising sessions can be done with an online option. So, whether you live on the West Coast, or if you will be traveling during a class series, you will never miss out on a session.

What is our Philosophy?
What is the Veritas Education "Learning Ecosystem"?

Our philosophy at Veritas Education is built around what we like to call a "Learning Ecosystem". Our enrichment courses and college advising are all built with deep thinking and effective communication at their core. We foster an environment, rich in these critical skills. We take this learned and intrinsic knowledge and reinforce student's skills through written and verbal communication, as well as community outreach. As a result students develop rich reading, writing and quantitative skills, to name a few. 

What is our Purpose?

At Veritas Education, we strive to be an innovator in the field by always seeking new ways to enhance students' meta-cognitive skills.  We aim to grow with our students and help them grow from the inside out. Through college advising, test prep, and reading and writing classes, we strive to see students grow on every level.  

What is our Vision?

First, to prepare, enrich, and impart knowledge to our students in the areas of academics and personal well-being. We envision students that move on to the next phase of life, strong, confident and happy. We envision students who live with purpose, passion, and the desire to better themselves and the world. 

Second, we work to serve our communities. We strive to do this through building up students with strong ethics and character. We are also committed to devoting our own actions to the betterment of our communities. 

What does the name USCECC mean?

As a way of bringing multi-cultural unity, the goal behind USCECC's name is to bridge the US and China's educational systems and cultures. Both cultures have an immense amount to learn from each other, and can grow through mutually shared knowledge and understanding. 

What is the meaning behind our motto, “Think Deep, Act Big”?

Think deep. We aim to train our students to think, write, and present beyond the surface and communicate logically and thoughtfully. ​

Act big. We teach our students to act proactively and provide our students with the tools needed to contribute to the community and make a difference.

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