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Table of Contents

  • Mother knows best

  • Family

  • Short fiction

Mother Knows Best

Holly Huang, G7

Eeek! I squeaked as I crashed into a bush. Ow. I tried to maneuver my way out of the branches and leaves. You may be wondering how I got here. Well, it started off this morning.

I woke up in my little hay bed to the sound of the human pulling a stick thing with spikes out of a bucket.

“You squirrels. Get out, get out! Let me get my garden tools in peace” The human said, frantically waving his arms. I was so happy that he was greeting us, so I squeaked in reply. The human did this weird rolly thing with his eyes then walked out. Once the human left, Mother jumped to the other side, pulling the large lever with her paw, turning on the light. I wish I could jump like Mother, but I still cannot jump far. My stomach started to grumble, so I crawled to the stash of juicy chestnuts in the corner, which Mother had been gathering a lot lately. My hand was just about to grab one, but my mother slapped it down.  

“Skippy! Stop eating these!” Mother yelled, “These are for the winter, how many times do I have to tell you? Do you not want food to eat in a few weeks?”

I left the house through the small crack in the wall, excited for an adventure. The skies had been becoming gray and the leaves were turning brown. I ran through the fallen leaves on the ground and went to the fence near our house. Mother had told me not to go past the fence, but I was curious. She told me of a fluffy monster that lives past these fences, and that I would get eaten if I went there. However, I could see a large berry bush far in the distance. I had never eaten a berry before. As I peered through the small crack, I scanned the field, looking for the monster. All I saw was an open field with a large house in the far distance. I think she was just trying to scare me. I slowly crawled under the crack and ran excitedly towards the berry bush. I would finally be able to eat berries today!

The grass on this side was short and soft, there were no scratchy leaves on the ground. I was almost there, only a few more jumps until I would reach the berries. Ruff! I gasped. Wha-- What was that? I stopped, dead in my tracks, and turned my head around. It couldn’t be! I screamed as I saw a fluffy white monster running towards me. Its tongue was hanging out of its wide open mouth, looking like it was going to eat me. It had a rope attached to a necklace it was wearing, what was that? Ruff ruff! I ran as fast as I could, but my tiny body could only go so fast. The monster was gaining ground, I was going to be eaten.   

“Biscuit!” Both the monster and I turned around to see the human yelling, “Biscuit come back!” 


The monster ran to the human, wagging its tail, as I sighed in relief. I had to get out of there quickly! Running at my top speed, I zoomed across the field to our house, ducking under a small crack in the fence. I crossed the fence but could not stop myself fast enough. And that’s when I crashed into the bush.

I guess I learned my lesson. There is a scary, fluffy white monster behind the fence. Mother won’t be happy about my adventure.


Karen Wang, G5

Everyday we share memories of

Sorrow and love, grief and joy

Your family are people that care for you

People that love you

They are people that you can look up to

People that will be there for you

Family are people you can trust

People that you love

Family is people but

It is also your home

It is a home where you are loved

A home where you are cared for

A home that you carry with you

A home that you love


Short Fiction

D. Y. G9

I finally came to, no memories,

Miles from the home I knew.

The flowers were blooming,

The trees were lush,

Animals ran past me 

And as I walked through the brush, 

I realized I had nothing.


How to live? I thought. 

I needed wood, so I punched the tree.

I needed food, so I picked some apples.

I needed water, so I went to the creek.

I wanted to make more stuff, so I made a crafting table.

I wanted to make better tools, so I went mining.


Everything in this world

Everything about it

Was enjoyable.

I gathered resources with my tools

And I built and lived with those resources.


My friends joined me,

We built together.

It was perfect

We wanted to do this forever.

We went to sleep.

And when we woke up

It was just another day in real life.

Time for school.

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