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Dr. Yuhsien Wu Selected to Join Senator Tim Kaine’s “Round-table” Discussion

To close up AAPI Heritage Month we would like to take a look back at another recent event that shined a light on the local Asian American community.

Senator Tim Kaine held a "Round-table" discussion with 20 selected Asian American leaders in the community. Senator Kaine had recently came back from a trip to Vietnam and Korea, and wanted to connect and debrief leaders of the Asian community on what he had learned. His goal was to gain insight from these key leaders, in order to make strong, effective decisions while in office.

“This is the first meeting of this kind to be offered, and I am just so honored to be part of the discussion", says Dr. Wu.

Following this meeting, Dr. Wu and the Veritas Education team are coordinating with Senator Kaine’s office for two upcoming events. Senator Kaine has agreed to speak for the Spotlight talk series, created by Dr. Wu. In addition, we have asked for him to sit down with our BranchOut! Students and give them a closer look into how politics play an important role in our lives.

During this meeting, Senator Kaine spoke about the qualities of a leader. He reiterated, if you want to be a leader, you need to be connected with others. Do not isolate yourself.  “Just like our mission for BranchOut!, we aim to connect and seek to be understood”, says Dr. Wu.

We are thankful for those in leadership, such as Senator Kaine, who see the deep importance of hearing all voices. When we are unified, we are stronger.

Contributed by: Jade Rhoden

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