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Essential SAT Knowledge: SUPERSCORES and their Impact on College Applications

For SAT test-takers, one word you may hear from counselors, teachers, or even friends is “superscore.” What does this mean? Where does my superscore come from? How will it affect my college applications?

First, it’s important to know that each college has its own score-reporting policy. Some schools require you to submit at least one SAT score, while some require you to submit scores from all SAT tests you’ve ever taken, while others may not require scores at all! You should do your research on each school you are applying to and take notice of their score-reporting policies. You can usually find this information on an “Admissions” or “How to Apply” page. With more and more top schools like Yale and Dartmouth requiring SAT scores once again, it is more important than ever to consider how you will report your SAT scores to your dream schools.

One part of a score-reporting policy can be “superscoring.” This means that colleges who create a super score will take the highest score from each section of the SAT, across multiple tests. For example, if you got your highest Math score the first time you took the SAT and your highest Reading/Writing score the third time you took it – the college will put those two scores together to get the highest total score possible! They will use this total when discussing your profile as an admissions committee.

Wondering what this means for your overall application? A superscore policy can be a huge relief for students whose top math and top reading/writing scores are from different tests. Oftentimes, a superscore is higher than any single test from a student. 

If your dream school doesn’t superscore, there is no need to panic. Those schools will most likely look at all your SAT scores, or as many as you submit. They will still get to see your highest math and Reading/Writing scores. But they will also take your lower scores into consideration.

You can learn more about superscoring by visiting the College Board official website.

Regardless of your dream school’s policy, the SAT is an important aspect of any competitive applicant’s profile. It is also not the only important aspect! Admissions committees will conduct a holistic review of your profile and consider your SAT scores as one component of the larger picture. Make sure to have a strong GPA that matches an impressive SAT score! Be sure to have dedicated extracurriculars that showcase your passions! 

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