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Veritas Education is proud to be a community supporter for over a decade.

We are excited about our new NJ/NY locations as we work to provide K-12 educational solutions to more families! 

73% Top 25 Acceptance Rate

99% Top 50 Acceptance Rate

13+ Years of Experience

140+ College Workshops 

Our Services

Our services are based on the growth mindset framework and the Veritas Pyramid©

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What is New/Upcoming Events

Recommendation Letter 

Want a great recommendation letter? Learn how to craft a strong response. Our best package includes videos, optional office hours, and 3-hours of editing! Visit our online video course!

Piles of Books

4/21/2024 In-person Workshop

Join us in person on Sunday, April 21st at 3pm ET to learn about tips and strategies for effective college applications and essay writing! R104 Westfield High School, 4700 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly, VA 20151.

School Application

Admissions Counseling

Looking for an experienced team to support your child's application process? Let our caring and dedicated team help you! Sign up any time; learn more here. Learn more about classes here.

Sign Up For a Free Consultation

Effective Applications and Essay Writing Strategies

Self-Paced Course

Youth Development

"I can tell my daughter is visibly more confident just after one interview coaching session."

College Counseling

"Veritas Education team knows how to ask just the right questions. And when you answer, you might be unlocking some unknown part of yourself."


"I learned so much about what it means to be a leader and a team member."

WHAT students SAY

“It [The Development of Deep Thinking and Communication Habit] was helpful and I like that we actually learned stuff that we're gonna use in life like time management”

— S.W. [G5/6 Class]

Signature Courses
Light Bulb Poster

(Grades 3-8)

Deep Thinking and Communication 

Reading Books Makes You Better

(Grades 5-11)

Reading, Writing, & Effective Communication

University Building

(Grades 10-12)

College Essay
Boot Camp

Specialty Classes

Promoting Overall Growth

Veritas Education is proud to offer a variety of classes geared towards building a student that is strong both academically and emotionally. Our advising sessions cover a variety of needs. College advising helps to ease the stress of this crucial time for both parents and students. Our team organizes and executes plans to prepare a student for future success. Beyond academic planning, our team advises students in discovering their passions, their interests, and learning ways to focus them all in the right direction. For all of these areas we offer additional classes to support this growth.

  • In the academic sense we offer writing classes, which strengthen creativeness, idea cultivation, organization, and vocabulary/grammar growth.

  • Our “Effective Communication” classes are a unique blend of academics and critical thinking and reading skills. In these classes, students discover what it means to be strong leaders, how to communicate effectively, and how to focus themselves on discovering their passions. All of these aspects are brought to light through reading, writing, and speaking activities in the classroom.

  • Knowing the needs of our students, we offer a variety of Test Prep Classes: SAT Test Prep, TJ Test Prep and GT Test Prep.


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My Channel

My Channel
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The Truth Behind Academic Success - How does self-discovery help?

The Truth Behind Academic Success - How does self-discovery help?

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Factors valued by colleges

Factors valued by colleges

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Veritas Education is a proud sponsor of community organizations including: