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Veritas Education

Our never-ending pursue to bringing quality education to our community is why so many families choose us. 

Our co-founder Dr. Wu

was invited by Fannie Mae (Fortune #24) to speak about the rise of anti-Asian violence and ways to build a more inclusive community.

What is New

September18, 2021

Fall Term Starts

Check out our online classes, on reading, writing, math, public speaking, TJ prep, SAT prep, science, and college essay bootcamps. (Eastern Time Zone)

September 19, 2021

College Essay Boot Camp

Register now for our very effective College Essay Boot Camp just in time for the EA/ED deadline. We look forward to working with you!

WORKSHOP: Sep 23, 2021

College Admissions Night

Join us on Thursday, Sep 23 at 8:00PM ET for a conversation with admissions officers from Duke, Rice, CMU, and Pitt. Register and get the Zoom link FREE here

Signature Courses

(Grades 3-8)

Deep Thinking and Communication 

(Grades 5-11)

Reading, Writing, & Effective Communication

(Grades 10-12)

College Essay
Boot Camp

Proven Growth Model

Our services are based on the growth mindset framework and the Veritas Pyramid©


Veritas Pyramid

We strive to build a "whole student" through our services, from Reading & Writing to Deep Thinking Development to 1-on-1 college coaching. 

Deep Thinking

Self - Confidence


#Deep Thinking

Why do we focus so much on deep thinking? Because it affects how we decode a piece of information as well as how well we are able to comprehend it. Learn about our in-house designed curriculum to see how it can benefit your child.

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Our Co-Founder

Dr. Yuhsien Wu is a thought leader, a deep thinker, and a passionate educator who strives to foster a growth mindset in our learning community. 
Check out the recent book suggestions, parenting ideas, and application tips happening around Veritas Education



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